• An epic feat achieved by the Kurds

    An epic feat achieved by the Kurds

    2021-04-07 12:50

    The book “Evenings of Keriskan” is Mr. Amir Saeedzadeh’s [also known as Saeed Sardashti] memoirs about his pre-revolutionary activities, his endeavors during the Sacred Defense Era and later his captivity in the prisons of Komala and the Kurdish Democratic grouplet. These memoirs have been compiled by Kianush Golzar Raghib and published by Soore Mehr Publications. The Leader of the Islamic Revolution has written a commendation on the book which says, “Despite the fact that I have seen and known some of the Kurdish forces who supported the Islamic Republic from up close, their self-sacrifices that have been described in this book are completely new and astonishing to me. The role of the mother and the wife are truly brilliant as well. The narrator’s and his family’s courage are exemplary. The same is true of some of the other Kurdish personalities mentioned in the book. In addition to this brilliant conduct, the malicious, vicious behavior of those who deceitfully portrayed themselves as the representatives of the honorable Kurdish people has been well described in this book.” On the occasion of the “10th Commemoration of Jihad and Resistance Literature” and the publication of the Leader’s commendation on “Evenings of Keriskan”, Khamenei.ir is publishing an Op-ed written by Mr. Alireza Mokhtarpur Qahrudi, the Chairman of the Public Libraries Association.