• Which books should we read to gain a better understanding of the US?

    Which books should we read to gain a better understanding of the US?

    2020-11-08 12:00

    In his televised speech on the birthday anniversaries of the Holy Prophet of Islam and Imam Sadiq delivered on November 3, 2020, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to many books which have been written inside the US  and which speak of the US’s decline: “The American regime is truly and severely suffering from a political, civil and moral decline and this is not mere analysis. What I am saying here is not merely an analysis, rather this is being acknowledged by themselves. This is being said by their spokespeople, writers, and thinkers inside the US. It is they who are saying this. They have written several books, published with a large circulation, bringing certain truths to light. I have read one of these books translated into Farsi. The book is filled with proofs of this decline. If someone really reads the book, they see that from start to finish, the book speaks of the political decline of the US with the moves made by the current US President. Such an empire will not last long like this.” Khamenei.ir is publishing a discussion from Mr. Hamid-Reza Gholamzadeh Natanzi – an expert on the US and International Affairs – in the program “The 24th Picture” in order to introduce these books: