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  • Chinese Female Student Physically Attacked on Paris Metro For Being Chinese and Received No Immediate Help From Either Onlookers or Police

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    • Arshan 10/30/20, 12:24 PM There is nothing to say except LABBAIK YA KHAMENEI

    • Toghrul 8/22/20, 11:50 PM Salaam Aleykum to our dignified and glorius leader İmam Khamenei. May Allah be pleased and satisfied with you, and make İmam Mahdi (a.f) pleased and satisfied with you. May Allah prolong your life till the Saviour (a.f) comes and rescues the world. May Allah make you remain our leader till İmam Mahdi (a.f) comes and takes the leadership of İslam and the world.

    • Danial Mahmoud 5/27/20, 6:56 PM In the name of Allah, salam Words cannot express the feeling of humbleness, love, gratitude and honor that I feel for the existence of our great and noble Leader, Imam Ali Khamenei (HA). My dream is to one day serve the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Revolution. Iran is the fanbearar of Muhammedan Islam today and it is the true nation of the Awaited Savior. May Allah bless your work. Perservere in your efforts, continue the job with patience, taqwa and reliance on Allah who, without a doubt, supports you. He is the Best of Helpers. Iran is a strong, independent, self-reliant and powerful nation who will remain while all of its enemies will demise Inshallah. Kinds regards, Danial Mahmoud

    • Kazim Mohamed - Tanzania 4/26/20, 5:51 PM We strongly believe in the Leader of the Islamic Ummah. The Zionist crimes against humanity can only be resisted when one stands firm on the path of the Leader of the Resistance. If it weren’t for him, many of us would be misguided in politics. The Leader has shown us falsehood and the truth in worldly politics. We are forever indebted to him. If one scrutinizes his speeches and lectures since the start of the Revolution, one will understand the revolution and its mission and values. May Allah (SWT) lengthen his life, keep him safe from the plans of the enemy and may we see the end of Zionism soon.