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  • Chinese Female Student Physically Attacked on Paris Metro For Being Chinese and Received No Immediate Help From Either Onlookers or Police

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    • Noah 1/11/18, 6:57 PM Salaam Sayyid. I am a reverted Muslim born in America, but who has witnessed and experienced the atrocities that face people here from the week of my birth until now. There has not been a time where I haven't been oppressed in America, whether it is spiritually oppressed, mentally oppressed, or physically oppressed. I come from a family who was enslaved in America and oppressed during the times of slavery here. I see, every single day, how spiritually destroyed the people of America have come to be due to the environment and culture here. All of these things led me have firm conviction in Islam as the truest and purest path to salvation. And, I have come to know, through much struggle, that the path of the Islamic Revolution is the path to success and the path to Imam Mahdi ع . All praise is due to Allah for Guiding me to know the truth, for Allowing me to choose you as my Marja', and Allowing me to see that you are my leader. Sayyid, please pray that I may leave this place one day

    • quratulain 1/6/18, 3:48 PM slam agha,i wish to meet you in my life but dont know how,may you live long,ready to sacrifice lives for you.

    • Jamal Haider Zaidi 1/6/18, 7:00 AM At Your Service Ya Rehbar. May Allah prolong your life. Long Live Rehbar!

    • Syed mohammad reza kazmi 12/31/17, 2:08 PM Salamwalekum To our supreme leader i believe that this situation was politically motivated, and that your detractors will fail in the end. Fiammanillah Yours faithfuly syed mohammad reza kazmi India.