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  • Chinese Female Student Physically Attacked on Paris Metro For Being Chinese and Received No Immediate Help From Either Onlookers or Police

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    • Radka 7/17/18, 1:41 AM Today facebook deleted the video about a Palestinian girl's assault. It was possible to see the video today afternoon, but now there is information that the content was violent! It is an effort to hide all true iformations.... But hundreds of disgusting US videos facebook do not matter!

    • Alessandro 6/30/18, 8:11 PM greetings from Italy

    • Syed Asad 6/15/18, 2:23 PM Is there any direction method of conversation with rehbar for asking questions any whatsapp number ? Kindly provide

    • Ali L'Claire 6/3/18, 4:59 PM One of the best websites being Iran based. I like what I see. thanks 4 the speeches and good Islamic centered advice and articles