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    • Aberamsay 2/4/16, 4:16 PM Ignoble Zionist warmongers accuse Iran to be a supporter of terrorism while in fact Iran is engaged actively in fighting Zionist-created terrorists in Syria and in Afghanistan and in Iraq . If Iran stops chasing them away the barbarian savage mercenaries would do to Iran what they have done and are doing to neighboring countries .Down with hypocrites

    • Aberamsay 2/4/16, 2:48 AM Zionists are enemies of mankind as stressed by Imam Khomeiny and also by the Leader. Both are perfectly right as Zionists have been terrorizing the planet for the past 150 years. As a matter of fact all wars of the past 150 years have been Zionist wars for plundering resources and for stealing. That's how the US and the UK got so rich and wealthy : through armed robberies abroad. What is the Modus Operandi of Zionists ? False Flags. All Zionist wars start with a false flag. False Flag is a crime comitted by them with the blame thrown at a desired enemy or at a country targetted for invasion. Examples are numerous : 9/11and the ongoing wars, Gulf of Tonkin and Vietnam war, Pearl Harbor and WWII, Lusitania and WWI. To name the most famous. Thank you Leader for allowing truth-telling and free speech on your site.

    • ramsheyi 1/31/16, 9:49 PM Iranian Leader is the ultimate bulwark in the world against Zionism and Zionist agression. What is Zionism ? It is a barbaric ideology founded on deceit and lies and cheats and hypocrisy and back-stabbing and violence and plunder and rape of cultures. Zionists are sub-human creatures of devilish origin obsessed with money and gold and dastruction and resource theft through endless wars. Just look at what is happenning in the Midle East right now to undersatnd Zionist behavior. In short, Zionism is a cancerous plague upon humanity that has to be eradicated and annihilated in order for human beings to live in peace. Long Live the Leader

    • Radka 1/31/16, 1:30 PM Dear, it is possible to find some books from H.E. Mr. Ayatollah Khamenei translated into Czech language? Merci for you kind reply. Radka