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  • Chinese Female Student Physically Attacked on Paris Metro For Being Chinese and Received No Immediate Help From Either Onlookers or Police

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    • Nasser Oromcheyan Toronto Canada 9/27/16, 6:58 PM Great Ayatoullah Khamenei: The ties between your heart and my heart is the versus of Holy Quran. The ties that nothing can destroy it. Allah Soubanallah save you & my sprit Ayatoulah Hashemi Long life Khamenei , Stable Life Hashemi You both are the Mercy of Allah Soubanallah for our Islamic republic. The stability of Iran is based on Velayateh faqih. Nasser Oromcheyan Toronto Canada

    • Sara B. 9/14/16, 4:18 PM Glad I found this website with all the interesting articles

    • mubashir 9/12/16, 1:56 PM May our leader imam khamenei live long.

    • Mehdi 8/21/16, 9:45 AM Very nice site full of content you   Thank you