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  • Chinese Female Student Physically Attacked on Paris Metro For Being Chinese and Received No Immediate Help From Either Onlookers or Police

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    • Mohamed H 10/10/16, 1:46 PM Very interesting website.. I pray to Allah that the Muslim world will be reunited again for we cannot overcome our enemy unless we unite. I currently live in the Arab world and I frequently notice that so many misconceptions of information about Iran exists among the people. This is due to the Arab media outlets that, regretfully, promote the West's propaganda to create tensions between Muslims. And so, I want to create an initiative to bridge the two people (the Arabs and the Iranians) and hopefully raise the awareness of the ongoing misconceptions promoted by Wahhabis along with their Western allies. This initiative aims to promote peace between people and hopefully drive a positive politics. It will also aims to bridge between the mainstream Sunnis and Shias by accentuating the real Islamic teachings to live in harmony together. I welcome any idea or advice which could aid to actualize this plan. With love, MH

    • Nasser Oromcheyan Toronto Canada 9/27/16, 6:58 PM Great Ayatoullah Khamenei: The ties between your heart and my heart is the versus of Holy Quran. The ties that nothing can destroy it. Allah Soubanallah save you & my sprit Ayatoulah Hashemi Long life Khamenei , Stable Life Hashemi You both are the Mercy of Allah Soubanallah for our Islamic republic. The stability of Iran is based on Velayateh faqih. Nasser Oromcheyan Toronto Canada

    • Sara B. 9/14/16, 4:18 PM Glad I found this website with all the interesting articles

    • mubashir 9/12/16, 1:56 PM May our leader imam khamenei live long.