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    • Salik Hamid 2/10/16, 5:14 PM Proud to see the Army of Islamic republic so powerful! InshaAllah The Army Of Islam will become the most powerful army in the world

    • Aberamsay 2/10/16, 1:36 AM Europeans are stooges of the USA. This is what the Supreme Leader basically said recently, and he is perfectly right. It is a proven fact by now that the criminal US Establishment ignited and staged two big wars in the twentieth century : WWI and WWII. The main purpose of the wars- in fact one war with a 20-year recess in between for helping Germany to rebuild a viable army- was to colonize Europe by eliminating rival powers: Russia and Germany. In Russia they installed the disastrous communist regim through their agent Lenin. . Communism turned out to be Russia's bane as it halted the nation's industry for centuries to come. As for Germany, a mighty industrial and military giant, it was totally destroyed to smithereens and ashes. The entire nation was raped and humiliated. The other European nations were invaded and underwent much destruction for no reason but hegemony. This way the US imposed its supremacy upon the continent for eternity. European heads of states are mere pawns.

    • SS 2/7/16, 10:02 PM Of course Ghandi is now celebrated in uk as a british double agent.They built a statue of him recently and invited ghandi's relative.The first thing he did was to worship it.That tells you everything.

    • Aberamsay 2/4/16, 4:16 PM Ignoble Zionist warmongers accuse Iran to be a supporter of terrorism while in fact Iran is engaged actively in fighting Zionist-created terrorists in Syria and in Afghanistan and in Iraq . If Iran stops chasing them away the barbarian savage mercenaries would do to Iran what they have done and are doing to neighboring countries .Down with hypocrites