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  • Chinese Female Student Physically Attacked on Paris Metro For Being Chinese and Received No Immediate Help From Either Onlookers or Police

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    • Aberamsay 4/6/16, 2:57 PM An international independent investigation into Zionist crimes is largely overdue. Zionist massmurderers go on destroying lives and cultures and the environment because nobody has ever cared or dared to stand up tout them. Among the most most visible and atrocious crimes there are the two world wars and nuking of Japan which allowed them to expand their hegemony across Europe and Asia's far east in order to steal resources . Because Zionists are basically thieves and their wars are blatant stark armed robberies abroad. The harm inflicted Iran alone must incite authorities to set up a court of law and to judge and to condemn US/UK establishments Nuremberg style.

    • Ahlam Abdul Hai 3/16/16, 6:15 PM I would like to see more variety on the website, leader talks about different issues and it makes him an attractive character! so the website should be able to reflect all aspect of his life!

    • Aberamsay 3/12/16, 12:18 AM A Zionist court in the US has condemned Iran to pay a hefty fine for the crime the Zionists themselves committed on 9/11/2001. They demolished 3 highrises and threw accusations at Ussama Bin Laden and AlQaeda. They pretended that 19 Arab hijackers from Saudi Arabia armed with boxcutters had hijacked planes and rammed them into 2 buildings, WTC 1 and WTC 2, that came down to their foundations in seconds. A third, WTC7, pulverised to dust hours later without being hit at all. Scientific evidence shows that NonoThermite had been planted Inside the 3 buildings that collapsed. The explosive is a monopoly of US army. Preparing the buildings for demolition takes months. A direct hit by a plane never pulverises a sturdy plane-proof skyscraper. . It turned out that Zionists had a plan to invade seven Muslim countries and steal resources as later revealed by Ramsey Clarck. The false flag of 9/11 was just a pretext and excuse for initiating the invasions that started with Afghanistan.

    • Aberamsay 3/10/16, 12:50 AM "The US is the Great Satan ( Sheitanerrajim )" used to repeat Imam Khomeiny. He was prophetic and he was always right as he had been gifted with God's power of seeing through things. What is the US ? It is the seat of international Zionism. As Zionists are Devil's representation on Earth, the US is the seat and the hub and the headquarters of Devil. Devil is the ultimate terrorist, and invents tools and devices to destroy God's work of art ( chef-d'oeuvre) which is mankind. One of the tools of destruction is brute force, and the worst example is atomic bomb. Another tool is GMOs that destroy gradually but certainly over time. One of the most efficient tricks to subvert humanity to Zionist biddings is financial terrorism which is instrumentation of money as a weapon of mass destruction. Zionists created the criminal duo World Bank/ IMF which is the most elaborate/sophisticated gangster scheme of all for stealing wealth and plunging the poor into absolute misery.