John Paul Sartre

Zionists deceived Jean-Paul Sartre into writing against Palestine

Zionists spread a great deal of false news around, both before and after their occupation, through the Zionist media. Many believed their lies.

The Israelis' extortive domination on Palestinians had three main dimensions: The first dimension was the Israelis' brutality towards Arabs; they treated the original owners of the land with a great deal of cruelty and brutality. Indeed, there was no trace of leniency.

The second dimension consisted of distorting global public opinion. Their lies to the global community are truly bewildering. They indeed spread a great deal of false news, both before and after their occupation, through the Zionist media which was then under the rule of Jews. Such false pieces of news were constantly spread, and it was due to these very lies that some of their capitalists were sued. Many believed their lies. They even deceived the French social philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, whom I once used to admire in my youth.

Jean-Paul Sartre published a book which I read 30 years ago. There it was written: "A homeless nation, a land without its people." This means Jews were a nation with no land; they came to Palestine which was a land with no people! What does this mean when they say there were no residents? There was a whole nation working there. There is ample evidence to support this. One of these foreign authors once said: "Across the whole land of Palestine, wheat fields were like a green sea that spread to the horizon." What does "A land with no people" mean? Israelis were trying to make the world believe that Palestine was abandoned land, and it was them who made the country prosperous and habitable: an instance of deceiving public opinion.

Israelis have always tried to depict themselves as innocent people. Even today this is a trend that they are pursuing. In some American magazines like "Time" and "Newsweek" -- which I sometimes read -- should the slightest mishap occur to some Jewish family, every detail, including the picture and the age of those who have suffered, is reported and the innocence of their people is exaggerated. Conversely, thousands of such instances of cruelty and brutality do occur against all Palestinians -- their youth, their children, their women, and their families -- both in the occupied lands of Palestine as well as in Lebanon, but they are never reflected [in the media].

The third dimension is that of their conspiracies or to use their own terminology "lobbies". Israelis hold several meetings with various governments, characters, intellectuals, politicians, authors, and poets with intentions of conspiracy in mind. There have so far been three main aspects to their actions; it was very much due to these factors that they managed to occupy the country.


Tehran Friday prayer sermons, December 18, 1999


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