Ibrahim Hadi

A book Imam Khamenei couldn’t put aside

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the start of the Sacred Defense (Saddam's imposed war on Iran), Khamenei.ir reviews Imam Khamenei's statements regarding a book written about Martyr Ibrahim Hadi*.

"I read a book about Martyr Ibrahim Hadi. Well, this is a very interesting book, very interesting. After I finished reading it, I did not want to take this book off the table for a while and put it, for example, on the shelf. The appeal of this personage - the character that has been introduced in this book - is so attractive that it pulls the reader like a magnet. It transfixes the reader. Search and find such personages. There are such eminent people who were not generals, and not even battalion commanders. But they have interesting accounts and stories."

Imam Khamenei, [Oct. 5, 2015]


* Martyr Ibrahim Hadi was a star in Iranian wrestling. He was born on April 21, 1957, in Tehran. Ibrahim was the fourth child in the family.
He started extracurricular studies in the last years of high school. Participating in the Islamic Unity Youth Committee and also following and learning from a teacher such as the late Allameh Mohammad Taqi Jafari were very influential on the development of Ibrahim's personality.
At the time of the victory of the Revolution, Ibrahim showed great courage. Along with studying, he worked in the Tehran Bazaar. After the Revolution, he started working in the Physical Education Organization, and later he was transferred to the Department of Education.
After the conflicts started in western Iran and Saddam invaded the country, Ibrahim joined the forces and founded the guerrilla group “Martyr Andarzgoo” on the Gilan Gharb front.
In the Preliminary Valfajr Operation, they resisted for five days in the Fakkeh Canals along with the Kumayl and Hanzaleh battalions and did not surrender. Finally, on February 11, 1983, after sending the rest of his comrades back, he went alone with God and no one ever saw him again.


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