Paulo Coelho

What is Imam Khamenei's take on Paulo Coelho’s works?

But this author [Paulo Coelho] has nothing to do with spirituality.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution—Ayatollah Khamenei—paid a visit to the International Book Fair held in Tehran on April 29, 2019. During his visit, he talked to various publishers. One of the booths His Eminence visited was the Parseh Translation and Publication Co.

The young receptionists at the booth greeted the Supreme Leader. The first book he picked up to show His Eminence was one of Paulo Coelho's works.

 Imam Khamenei asked him: "What is this book about?"

The young clerk replied: "It's about a spiritual journey."

Imam Khamenei answered: "But this author [Paulo Coelho] has nothing to do with spirituality."

The next book was "Interrogation of Saddam". A book apparently already read by the Supreme Leader. Ayatollah Khamenei commented on the book by saying: In this book, Saddam is somehow praised and a positive image of him is presented.

Parseh Publications staff offered another book for the Supreme Leader to browse: "Heroes of History" by Will Durant. The young clerk said: I would like to this book to you as a gift. The Leader accepted, and responded: "Thank you, but if you had agreed for me to pay for it, I would be happier.”


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