The book about CIA’s domination of the press mentioned by Imam Khamenei

In his speech on January 8, 2021, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution mentioned a book by Joel Whitney named "Finks: How the C.I.A. Tricked the World's Best Writers," which speaks about the C.I.A.’s interference in the world’s press and magazines. The Leader spoke of how Global Arrogance distorts historical events and forces world famous authors to reflect their own analysis and interpretation of events.

Recently, I read a book written by an American writer. Actually, he compiled the book because different individuals were involved in its writing. It is about the domination of the US intelligence organization, known as the CIA, over the main newspapers and magazines in the world. The essence of the book is about this matter. It explains how the CIA has interfered in the writings and statements of well-known writers and reputable magazines and how it has inculcated its own analysis into public opinion, instead of the real analysis, and how it has controlled their thoughts. Not only has the CIA done so in American press, but it has also done it in other countries such as European countries. The book mentions a well-known French publication and says that the CIA has done and written such and such things there. This is common practice in the world. By doing this, the CIA is actually inculcating its wrong and distorted analysis about different events into public opinion, thus misguiding people all over the world. This is a danger that always exists.

Imam Khamenei, [Jan 8, 2021]