Why do Zionists’ aggressions last shorter than before? Imam Khamenei elaborates

Today, the US is clearly weaker in the region than 10, 20 years ago. Today, the vicious Zionist regime is clearly weaker than the past. A few years ago, the Zionist regime was defeated by the Hezbollah of Lebanon. It managed to resist for 33 days and then, it [Zionist regime] was defeated. Two years later, it managed to resist for 22 days and then, it was defeated by the Palestinians. And a few years after that, it managed to resist for eight days against the oppressed people of Gaza and then, it was defeated. Just last week, it managed to resist for two days and then, it was defeated. This is the weakness of the Zionist regime. This is the increasing weakness of the Zionist regime. 

The nations who have a certain thought, identity and motivation are reliant on God. They rely on Allah and Allah the Exalted will help them: “If the unbelievers should fight you, they would certainly turn their backs. Then would they find neither protector nor helper. Such has been the practice of Allah already in the past: no change will you find in the practice of Allah” [The Holy Quran, 48: 22-23]. This is a divine tradition. If Muslims stand firm, they will achieve victory over all the apparatuses of Taghuti and arrogant powers.

Nov 25, 2018


During the two last wars against the Resistance groups, the Zionist regime begged for ceasefire after 22 days in one case and after 8 days in another instance; in the most recent conflict, the Zionist regime asked for ceasefire after only 48 hours. This means the Zionist Regime has been brought to its knees.

Dec 31, 2018


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