Supporting Palestine 720

Despite all pressures Iran won't stop supporting Palestine

The Islamic Revolution displayed the most solemn support for Palestine. No one, no country, no government and no people have ever defended Palestine, the Palestinians' struggles and the Palestinian Intifada like the Iranian nation, the Iranian government and the Islamic Republic. We have offered whatever we could: spiritual support as well as physical support...
This revolution is an 'Islamic' revolution. It does not care if the Palestinian nation is Shia or Sunni; it will defend them regardless. It defends the Lebanese great movement, it defends any group of Muslims anywhere in the world which moves and acts for the sake of Islam. This is what makes them [the enemies] upset. They are upset because the revolution is Islamic; otherwise, if we had closed our borders on and did not care for Sunni nations, or Sunni groups, they would never mind it. Neither the United States, nor Israel, nor Britain [would be mad at us.]

January 15, 2007


If Iran gives up supporting the revolutionaries and the Lebanese and Palestinian nations, they [US and Zionists] will give up their hostile methods against Iran! ...As the enemies are wishful! Supporting Palestinians, and others, are key Islamic duties and shall continue!

Ayatollah Khamenei; 2001-04-24



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