Imam Khamenei

The Palestinian plight will be a source of disgrace for USA's future

I would tell you that the victory of the people of Palestine in restoring their rights will not be more difficult than the victory of the people of Iran in establishing the Islamic Republic in Iran. At that time - the time when taghut used to rule over our country - if someone took a look at the scene of the world and the region, he would see that changing the taghuti regime was one of the impossibilities, let alone turn it into an Islamic government.

This seemed to be one of the impossibilities. Under normal circumstances, such a thing was not possible and achievable. At that time, America had endless power in the region and it provided unconditional support for the Shah's regime. Besides, political activists in Iran did not have any resources. That is to say, the resources that we had for fighting in those days were much less than the resources that your people in Gaza or on the west bank have today. Despite this, the Revolution was carried out. This impossibility became possible and it happened thanks to the continuation of fighting, reliance on God and the determined, strong and decisive leadership of our magnanimous Imam (r.a.).

I say that this event can take place for Palestine as well. Some people look at the scene and see the power of America, the support of the west for the Zionists and the power of Zionists' financial and propaganda networks in America and in other parts of the world. As a result of this, they think that restoring Palestine to the Palestinians is an impossible task. But I say that this impossible task will become possible provided that they show resistance and steadfastness.

Allah the Exalted says, "Now then, for that reason, call them to faith, and stand steadfast as you are commanded" [The Holy Quran, 42: 15]. Resistance is necessary, steadfastness is necessary, continuing the path is necessary. The requirements for continuing the path are your gatherings, your cooperation, your global promotions and the statements that you gentlemen made, all of which are true. All these suggestions are necessary and correct. They are necessary.

They have poisoned public opinion throughout the world. Today, America and the west are lying in a blatant way on the issue of Palestine and many other issues. They completely misinterpret great disasters such as the disaster of Gaza in the 22-day war. I would like to remind you that we should pay attention to these matters. Today, Gaza and Palestine are an arena of disgrace for the west. The west, with its claim to support human rights, has ignored the greatest and the most disastrous violation of human rights in Gaza.

Last year, westerners did not say a single word in favor and in defense of the people of Gaza for many days. Many days passed while we were listening carefully to see if any word in favor of the people of Gaza is uttered by the Europeans - let alone the Americans - by human rights organizations and by so-called defenders of freedom. But no word was uttered. They began to talk after the people in different countries raised their voices and held different processions and demonstrations and when the scandal heated up. However, it was just talking. The west did not show any support for the people of Gaza against such a great disaster which was taking place in front of everyone's eyes. And the west has continued to adopt the same positions until today. The United Nations disgraced itself. America was disgraced and it became even more disgraced.

I would tell you that today, the western civilization has been challenged on the issue of Palestine. Today, the claim of western liberal democracy has been questioned. This means that you in Palestine have brought down and dismissed this western claim which had survived for several centuries and with which the west used to rule over the entire world. Resistance - the one that you are showing - has such significance and greatness.

The issue of Gaza is not the issue of a small piece of land. The issue of Palestine is not only a geographical issue. It is the issue of humanity and human principles. Today, the issue of Palestine is a dividing line between commitment and hostility to human principles. This issue has such significance.

Without a doubt, America will suffer a loss in this deal. These historical eras and these ten, twenty, thirty-year historical developments are like a moment and they will soon pass. But the history and future of America will definitely suffer a loss as a result of the movement that they launched in the past 50, 60 years with regards to the issue of Palestine. The issue of Palestine will be a source of disgrace for America for many years in the future.

Palestine will be liberated. You should have no doubt about this. Palestine will definitely be liberated. It will be restored to the people of Palestine and a Palestinian government will be formed in this country. There is no doubt about this, but America's disgrace and notoriety will not disappear. They will continue to be disgraced.

There is no doubt that a new Middle East will be formed based on the truths which Allah the Exalted has determined. This Middle East will be an Islamic Middle East, as the issue of Palestine is an Islamic issue. All peoples are responsible towards Palestine. All governments are responsible towards Palestine, whether Muslim or non-Muslim governments. Any government which claims to advocate humanity is responsible towards this issue.

However, Muslims' responsibility in this regard is a heavier one. Islamic governments are responsible and they should carry out their responsibility on this issue. Any government which does not carry out its responsibility on the issue of Palestine will suffer a loss. This is because nations have awakened and they want governments to do such things. Therefore, governments have to give in to this issue and they have to surrender.

Feb 27, 2010


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