'The Struggle of Palestinians against Zionists, is One of Flesh against Tanks'

Those Palestinians who are in prisons, told us that our slogans, our presence and our clenched fists--which express our sincere faith and determination--give them strength and power, we help them resist. To be able to resist, the one who sits within the walls of a Zionist prison should never feel alone [in his/her plight]. The women and the men who are attacked on the streets of Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, and in other Palestinian cities, occupied by Israeli thugs, should feel your support towards them, so they might strengthen their resistance. April 05, 1991

The Struggle of Palestinians against the Zionists, is One of Human Spirit and Flesh against Machines

The campaign that the Palestinian nation has begun, recently, is not a fight of an army against another army; so that one can say this army has this number of tanks; the other has that number of tanks; this one has more or the other does. It is a resistance made up of bodies and lives belonging to individuals who do not fear death. Every young Palestinian who stands up to the occupant regime threatens them--as much as any army does. Answering this individual cannot be accomplished through tanks and missiles, aircrafts and helicopters! When a human--just one--is not afraid of death and is prepared to sacrifice himself for God and for his cause, he is the biggest threat for the unjust materialists. So you see, Americans at the highest level openly took stances against the young people who seek martyrdom. I say these deployments are ineffective. This eagerness for martyrdom is not based on feelings. But it is based on the belief in Islam: the Last Day and faith in life after death. Wherever Islam in its true form is present, there is a danger against the front of arrogance. The arrogant front would have to fight against Islam to dominate Palestine. Fighting against Islam is fighting against the Islamic world: this fight will not succeed!

Fate of Palestine is that it will certainly become a state one day
The usurper regime that is in power, occupying the lands of Palestine today, has no claim to this land; It is a fraudulent regime, created by the oppressive powers. Therefore, the Palestinian people cannot be asked to recognize this regime. If such a mistake is made within the Islamic world, and the oppressive regime [Zionist regime] is given recognition in addition to the disgrace and shame it will create, it would be a pointless action, because this regime is not legitimate. Zionists think they have control over Palestine and Palestine belongs to them forever! No, this is not fact. The fate of Palestine is that it will certainly become a Palestinian state one day. The Palestinian nation is rising towards this goal. It is the duty of Muslim nations and their governments to further reduce this gap, and take action to help the Palestinian people reach that day.
June 04, 2002​


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