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US definition of terrorism: when massacre of children by US allies is not considered terrorism

When thousands of children and thousands of men, women and civilians are killed inside their houses and in hospitals and schools without any defense, is this not terrorism? Is this not the most brazen and cruel form of state terrorism? Why do you support it?


Iran stands by resistance groups to help fight terrorism

Our presence, besides groups of resistance in Western Asia, is for a good reason. Our presence in Syria, in opposition to US-supported terrorism, is not in vain. [Furthermore,] The claim that the Islamic Republic is seeking hegemony and wants to conquer a certain area is a nonsensical lie. We have no reason or desire for seeking hegemony over any part of the world. We do not need to, either. Thanks be to God, a big, flourishing, and affluent country is in the disposition of the Iranian nation. We got involved in the West-Asian region—in Syria—because there was, and there is, resistance against oppression. Thus, you witness, with God’s grace, thanks to the aid provided and thanks to the bravery of warriors, the Syrian forces have managed to defeat the US-supported terrorists—which were created by the West and their allies in our region, like the Saudis.

Those who once supported ISIS, discreetly or overtly, claim to oppose them [ISIS] today and somehow defeated them: that is an apparent lie. The U.S. played no role in defeating ISIS. In his speech, a few hours ago, the U.S. president [Donald Trump] said they managed to defeat ISIS in Syria: another blatant and obvious lie! They, where they thought it was necessary, entered and helped [ISIS]. When the main elements of ISIS were encircled, they saved them. Even before that, they were involved in creating ISIS. Using the Saudis’ and their allies’ money, they could create these vile creatures that would attack the nations of Iraq and Syria. However, the resistance against the US and its agents saved these two countries: the outcome will be the same in the future.

April 14, 2018


The Zionist government is a terrorist regime backed by U.S.

We should reveal the true nature of the claims made by "The Great Satan.” They make false claims. The nature of these claims should be revealed. One of these claims is the issue of human rights. They are against human rights, but they claim to be supporting it. They constantly highlight and speak about human rights. That is while the things that they do are against human rights. The person who holds office today expresses these things in their bare reality. Those who held power before him used to do these things, as well, but their acts were not so transparent. He speaks more candidly and more outspokenly. They speak against Africa, against various races of people, against Latin America, against all peoples, against Muslims, and against everything and everyone. In other words, they are acting against human rights, but they hold a banner claiming to defend human rights. This should be revealed. This is a major farce which should be revealed. 

Another sham is that they claim to be fighting against terrorism. They claim that they are fighting against terrorism. First of all, they themselves are defending the terroristic Zionist government. The Zionist government is a terrorist government in occupied Palestine. They acknowledge this. The “Israelis,” too, do not deny the fact that they move their tasks forward with terroristic activities. They acknowledge this. They sometimes acknowledge this explicitly. And the main supporter of this government in the region is the US. So, they are supporting this government, but they support other terrorists as well. It was the Americans who created DAESH – the same DAESH who had turned into a big problem for some of our regional countries. They confessed this. They acknowledged this. In his electoral campaign that same person accused, time and time again, the former administration of creating DAESH. He was telling the truth. This is a correct claim. It was they who created DAESH. They were supporting and defending DAESH until recently, while DAESH was taking its last breaths. This was happening until very recently! Therefore, they are advocates and agents of terrorism, but at the same time they have waved that flag of fighting against terrorism. These lies should be revealed. These things should be announced to the entire world.



U.S. regime supports terrorism, arms ISIS, then claims 'war on terror'

Our main enemy, the regime of the United States of America, is one of the most corrupt and oppressive governments in the world. They support terrorists. They supported DAESH as much as they could. In the present time too, despite all the fuss that they kick up, they are still helping DAESH and takfiris like DAESH behind the scenes. This is according to the news that we have received. They support terrorism. They support tyrannical governments. They used to support the Shah. They support the oppressive House of Saud. They support some oppressive dynasties in the region. Are there actions which are more erroneous than these? Is there any corruption which is graver than this?

They support criminals, whether the criminals who are committing crimes in Palestine – the Zionist regime – or the ones who are committing crimes in Yemen. In Yemen, they shed blood every day. They commit crimes inside their own country. They place African Americans under pressure. The US police murder African American women, men, children and youth without any reason, but the US courts exonerate them and let them go. This is their judiciary branch! That is while they criticize and find faults with the judiciary branch of other countries including ours.

December 27, 2017


Terrorism in the Middle East has American roots

Who created DAESH? Who strengthened it? Today, they claim that they have established the anti-DAESH coalition. This is a lie. This coalition is a lie! Of course, they are opposed to an uncontrolled DAESH, but they like to have a controlled DAESH in their hands and if someone decides to destroy and annihilate this phenomenon, they will seriously stand up against him. As you see, in the present time, the American planes bombard the Syrian forces which are faced with DAESH and groups similar to it.

The same thing has happened in Iraq. It was DAESH which was selling Iraq's oil. A government official – a well-known international personality who was our guest once – said to me that the Americans completely knew about DAESH trucks which were stealing oil from Iraq, taking it to another country and selling it there, but they did not drop one single bomb on them! They never prevented them from doing so! This was being done in front of their eyes, but they claimed that they were against DAESH. However, if they are really opposed to someone, they do not support him like this. But they helped DAESH. Well, it is these people who have created instability in the region, not Iran.  

They say certain things about Iran. An example is the recent statement by the American president. Because of the recent terrorist incidents, he accuses Iran of supporting terrorism! That is while terrorism in the region has its roots in the Americans. The same is true of the issue of human rights. The Americans are highlighting the issue of human rights again. This is really ridiculous and surprising! The people who sit beside the heads of medieval and tribal Saudi Arabia – this is really a scandal which in my opinion will never be erased from the history of the Americans: this is like a permanent mark on their foreheads – speak against the Islamic Republic on the issue of human rights. They go to a country which knows nothing whatsoever about democracy, elections and the like and they make ironic statements against a country like Iran which is the center and embodiment of democracy! They accuse it of violating human rights! These are things which will be preserved in history. Of course, such events might be forgotten today because of various kinds of political uproar and tumult, but they will undoubtedly remain in history.

June 12, 2017


West forms bogus coalition against terrorism, but promotes terrorism in reality

Many Islamic countries are mourning because of wars and bloodshed as well. Syria, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain are mourning. The Islamic Ummah does not deserve to suffer from all these problems.

Where do these problems come from? From which evil and sinister source do these problems originate? Who promotes this unclean embryo in the world of Islam? Everyone expresses their hatred of terrorism in words and sometimes, they pretend that they are taking action against terrorism. As our honorable President said, they form a false, fake and bogus coalition against terrorism. But this is not the case in reality. In reality, they promote terrorism.

We have not forgotten the days when – this happened in the early days of the Syrian events – the U.S. ambassador went to the Syrian opponents to encourage them and to urge them to turn a political dispute into a civil war. Is this a small matter? Well, political disputes exist in many countries. Why should they turn political disputes into a war? And that is a war among people in a country. It is a war of fratricide! And then with haraam money from oil revenues, they employ some youth from different corners and send them there! This is happening in Syria and in Iraq in different ways. In the present time, it has been extended to other countries as well. It has been extended to Bangladesh, Turkey and other countries. It is these events which are creating such disasters for the world of Islam and which is causing this insecurity. Why should we not know our enemy?  

July 6, 2016 


Today, America does not answer the simplest questions that public opinion in the world has. Public opinion in the world is asking the Americans, “Do you know that it has been 10, 11 months now that a country is bombarding Yemen and destroying cities? Do you or do you not know of this? If you know of this, why do you support it? If you know of it, then why do you not protest? If you know of this crime, then why do your fuel-providing planes help them? Why do you help them? Why do you support them?” You who claim to be supporting human rights should answer public opinion in the world.  When thousands of children and thousands of men, women and civilians are killed inside their houses and in hospitals and schools without any defense, is this not terrorism? Is this not the most brazen and cruel form of state terrorism? Why do you support it? However, the Americans do not answer these questions. They look directly in the eyes of people in the world and they make claims about advocating human rights!

February 8, 2016


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