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7 methods U.S. uses in place of military attacks against independent nations, explained by Ayatollah Khamenei

launching a military attack is not a priority from the viewpoint of the American political apparatus. They have now resorted to other methods.

Today, launching a military attack is not a priority from the viewpoint of the American political apparatus. They have come to understand that they suffered a loss on the issue of Iraq and Afghanistan where they launched military attacks. They have understood that launching a military attack is as dangerous for the aggressor as it is for the defender and sometimes, it is even more dangerous for the aggressor. They have understood this correctly. Therefore, it can be said that they have changed their mind about launching a military attack. They have now resorted to other methods.



1-Using domestic agents

One of these methods is entrusting the task of furthering their goals in the target country - which is the target of their attacks - to the elements inside this country. The issue is not only about Islamic Iran and the Islamic Republic. They are doing these things all over the world and we are witnessing some instances of their effort in the present time.

2-Launching coup d’états

Another method is launching a coup d’état. They empower some people inside the target country so that they can launch a coup d’état and overthrow those governments and political systems which do not give in to them. One of the ways that they use is this.

3-Color revolutions

Another method is drawing groups of people to the streets. An example is the color revolutions which were carried out in each and every part of the region in recent years. Take the case of a government which comes to power in a country. After all, if the government that comes to power holds 60 percent of the votes, it means that 40 percent of the people did not vote for it. The Americans go to that 40 percent, choose certain elements and leaders among them and make them - either by bribing or by threatening them - draw that 40 percent or part of it to the streets. America's hands were behind the color revolutions - including the orange revolution and other revolutions in different countries - that were carried out in recent years.


4-Provoking riots

We do not make any judgment about the events which are taking place in an area in Europe. But when one takes a look, one wonders what role an American senator[1] and official can play - by showing his presence - in the demonstrations of a minority against a country? They showed their presence in such areas. One of the measures that they adopt is that they draw a portion of the population to the streets and make them break the law, thereby try to overthrow the government which they do not approve of and which is not blackmailed.


5-Arming and sponsoring terrorist groups

Another measure that they adopt is empowering and forming terrorist groups. They did this in Iraq, Afghanistan and some Arab countries in the region. They did it in our country as well. They form terrorist groups in order to kill well-known personalities. In our country, they struck and martyred scientists and experts on nuclear energy. Before that too, they struck political, cultural, scientific and seminary personalities. These terrorists grew with the help of the U.S. politicians. Some of them were welcomed into America by the Americans for the services that they rendered. Today, the MEKs are in America's arms. They take part in different meetings and commissions of the U.S. Congress. The same MEK who killed people from different social backgrounds - including great personalities, scholars, scientists and political personalities - and who carried out explosions have now sided with the Americans today. So, this is another method they use.


6- Creating rifts among decision-makers of an ‘enemy’ country

Another method is creating discord among decision-makers of countries. One of the measures that they adopt is this: they try to create a rift in the highest levels of the government and system which does not side with them. They try to establish a dual government. Of course, they do not succeed in many countries. But unfortunately, they succeed in some areas.


7- Propaganda

Another method is that they discourage - with their propaganda - the hearts and minds of people from adhering to their ideological and religious principles.


They try carrying out such measures. The regime that rules the United States of America has done all these things to our dear and Islamic Iran and by Allah's favor, it has failed in all of them. Launching military coups d’état, supporting those who instigate fitna, drawing some people to the streets, confronting elections and creating rifts were some of the measures that they either adopted or tried to adopt and thankfully, they failed in all of them. Why did they fail? It was because the people were vigilant and religious.



June 4, 2014


[1] John McCain showing support for protesters in Kiev, Ukraine in 2013


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