The U.S.'s claims about fighting terrorism are really ludicrous: Ayatollah Khamenei

Terrorism in the region has its roots in the Americans. The same is true of the issue of human rights. The Americans are highlighting the issue of human rights again. This is really ridiculous and surprising!

When we believe in monotheism we cannot accept coercion, we cannot accept oppression, we cannot but stand before oppressors: this is the nature of tawhid. The fact that the Islamic Republic declares that ‘wherever there is an oppressed populous in need of assistance, we will be present,’ is for the same reason. That we insist on helping Palestine, is for the same reason; because, tawhid bounds us to stand against the oppressor’s coercion waged on the oppressed. —This is the essence of tawhid: Bi’that reminds us of it; and it will certainly progress.

Even though pressure on the Palestinian people has been extreme in recent days—over the past 70 years—you view a small, tolerant population that you think the Zionists could easily dominate, or estrange this nation, from their country, by cutting off their hands from their own lands; but, that same “weak” nation, has, today, turned into the powerful Palestinian nation that threatens the “mighty” Zionist regime. Hence, the Zionist regime feels weak and incapable when up against the Palestinian people. Undoubtedly, Palestinians will win over Zionists; and Palestine will be returned to the Palestinians.

Our presence, besides groups of resistance in Western Asia, is for a good reason. Our presence in Syria, in opposition to US-supported terrorism, is not in vain. [Furthermore,] The claim that the Islamic Republic is seeking hegemony and wants to conquer a certain area is a nonsensical lie. We have no reason or desire for seeking hegemony over any part of the world. We do not need to, either. Thanks be to God, a big, flourishing, and affluent country is in the disposition of the Iranian nation. We got involved in the West-Asian region—in Syria—because there was, and there is, resistance against oppression. Thus, you witness, with God’s grace, thanks to the aid provided and thanks to the bravery of warriors, the Syrian forces have managed to defeat the US-supported terrorists—which were created by the West and their allies in our region, like the Saudis.

Those who once supported ISIS, discreetly or overtly, claim to oppose them [ISIS] today and somehow defeated them: that is an apparent lie. The U.S. played no role in defeating ISIS. In his speech, a few hours ago, the U.S. president [Donald Trump] said they managed to defeat ISIS in Syria: another blatant and obvious lie! They, where they thought it was necessary, entered and helped [ISIS]. When the main elements of ISIS were encircled, they saved them. Even before that, they were involved in creating ISIS. Using the Saudis’ and their allies’ money, they could create these vile creatures that would attack the nations of Iraq and Syria. However, the resistance against the US and its agents saved these two countries: the outcome will be the same in the future.

April 14, 2018

Our main enemy, the regime of the United States of America, is one of the most corrupt and oppressive governments in the world. They support terrorists. They supported DAESH as much as they could. In the present time too, despite all the fuss that they kick up, they are still helping DAESH and takfiris like DAESH behind the scenes. This is according to the news that we have received. They support terrorism. They support tyrannical governments. They used to support the Shah. They support the oppressive House of Saud. They support some oppressive dynasties in the region. Are there actions which are more erroneous than these? Is there any corruption which is graver than this?

They support criminals, whether the criminals who are committing crimes in Palestine – the Zionist regime – or the ones who are committing crimes in Yemen. In Yemen, they shed blood every day. They commit crimes inside their own country. They place African Americans under pressure. The US police murder African American women, men, children and youth without any reason, but the US courts exonerate them and let them go. This is their judiciary branch! That is while they criticize and find faults with the judiciary branch of other countries including ours.

December 27, 2017


Terrorism in the region has its roots in the Americans. The same is true of the issue of human rights. The Americans are highlighting the issue of human rights again. This is really ridiculous and surprising! The people who sit beside the heads of medieval and tribal Saudi Arabia – this is really a scandal which in my opinion will never be erased from the history of the Americans: this is like a permanent mark on their foreheads – speak against the Islamic Republic on the issue of human rights. They go to a country which knows nothing whatsoever about democracy, elections and the like and they make ironic statements against a country like Iran which is the center and embodiment of democracy! They accuse it of violating human rights! These are things which will be preserved in history. Of course, such events might be forgotten today because of various kinds of political uproar and tumult, but they will undoubtedly remain in history.

June 12, 2017


Confronting terrorism requires serious determination by all those who are influential in the arena of international power. Wise personalities and honorable governments and powers in the world should think and adopt certain measures in order to find a cure for this phenomenon... Terrorism does not only mean terrorist actions by non-official groups. Massacring the people by governments – such as the attack that the Saudis launched on the people who had gathered in a funeral ceremony in Yemen with the result that hundreds of individuals were killed and injured – is the worst kind of terrorism. Although about year and seven months have passed [from the beginning of the Saudi war on Yemen], no serious determination is witnessed in confronting this phenomenon.

 October 26, 2016


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  • 2019-01-07 01:35
    Iran fights terrorism the american military supports. Its well known fact country I live in the united states uses isis to hurt iran.