Gaza genocide

With Palestinians’ resistance, Zionist regime is more desperate for a ceasefire than Gazans

What the people of Gaza did made the enemy look for a ceasefire more desperately than the people and the officials in Gaza although they went through pain and suffering and a number of them were martyred. This is a lesson for the world of Islam and of course we learned this lesson during the Sacred Defense Era.

An 8-day war broke out between the people of Gaza and the Zionist regime which claims to have the strongest army in the Middle East. But when both sides decided to declare a ceasefire, it was the Palestinian side that set the conditions. Can you believe it? Palestinians—not all Palestinians, a group of them in Gaza—against the Zionist regime and it would be the Palestinians who set conditions for a ceasefire?

Well done to the Palestinians. Well done! Well done to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and soldiers who fought in Palestine and Gaza for their outstanding courage. What they did is a perfect example of courage. I want to express my gratitude to the Palestinian soldiers for their sacrifices, their efforts and their patience. They saw that "Verily, with every difficulty there is relief" [The Holy Quran, 94: 6]. If we show patience, God Almighty will resolve our problems. Because they resisted the enemy and showed great patience, God Almighty resolved their problems. This is a lesson for both the Palestinians and other people. You should not underestimate the significance of unity between Muslim peoples. It is a very important issue.

December 11, 2012

God Almighty has bestowed on the people of Gaza the blessing to resist and stand up against this violent and savage enemy. The people of Gaza saw the result of their resistance: they managed to preserve their dignity. They proved that by relying on resistance and hard work it is possible—even with a small number of people—to defeat large and heavily armed groups that are supported by the arrogant powers. Today the Zionists, who have occupied Palestine, are looking for a ceasefire more desperately than the people and the officials of Gaza. Although they committed these crimes and brutal actions, they were harmed more. This happened because of the resistance of the small number of Muslim people and youth in Gaza. There is no other way to defeat the enemies. This is a message to the world of Islam.

If the world of Islam wants to be invulnerable to the attacks, machinations and plots of the enemy, it should defend itself strongly. It should strengthen itself, both spiritually—strengthening one's faith and determination—and materially. Material strength includes making scientific and technological progress, gaining experience and making advances in the area of building weapons and in other areas. The world of Islam and Islamic societies should equip themselves with such assets. If they do so, then every district even as small as Gaza can inflict as much harm on the enemy as the people of Gaza did. As I said before, what the people of Gaza did made the enemy look for a ceasefire more desperately than the people and the officials in Gaza although they went through pain and suffering and a number of them were martyred. This is a lesson for the world of Islam and of course we learned this lesson during the Sacred Defense Era.

November 21, 2012


Another reason why the western political system has been challenged is regional events such as the event of Palestine, the event of Lebanon, the 33-day war, the 22-day war, the 8-day war and the recent 50-day war which is among miraculous events. During the recent 50-day war, a small area with limited capabilities did something to bring to its knees the Zionist regime—which is the symbol of western power in the region. The Zionist regime begged for a ceasefire, but the people of Gaza did not accept it. The Zionist regime constantly insisted that there should be a ceasefire, but the people of Gaza said no. They said, "These are our terms for a ceasefire" and until these terms were not met, they did not accept the ceasefire.

This is a very important and fascinating event. These events show that the military-political power and superiority of the west has been challenged in the real sense of the word. Many influential personalities in the west believe that war is not a practical and economical option anymore. This is a very common conclusion in the western world. Today, many politicians in the U.S.—mostly in the U.S. and partly in some European countries—say that war is not an economical option for them anymore.

This means that the military-security capability and power of the west have been completely challenged. Well, the new powers that have emerged in Asia and in the east—such as China, India and other such powers—clarify the other dimensions of this issue. Well, this is the condition of the region and the world which shows that the previous global system cannot prevail any longer and that westerners cannot manage the world anymore. A new order is being formed. Of course, it has not been completely formed yet.

September 4, 2014

All these disasters have befallen them because of the enmity and invasion of the enemy and there is no one to help them. These people are faced with an armed, malevolent and merciless regime such as the Zionist regime and its evil, malevolent and filthy leaders who are striking them day and night without any consideration. Despite such crimes, these people have stood firm and they are resisting. This is a lesson. This shows that one's power of resistance—the power of resistance of a mother who sees her child dead in front of her and the power of resistance of a woman who sees her husband, brother and father under pressure—is beyond what we can imagine in our minds.

We should know our inner power. Human beings can be powerful and show resistance like this. These people - whose population is about 1,800,000 persons—are standing firm despite the fact that they live in an enclosed and surrounded land that is about 400, 500 square kilometers. They are standing firm despite the fact that their gardens, shops and houses are the target of the enemy's attack. Besides, the path of business and finance is closed to them and they are under such attack.

This shows the level and amount of a people's resistance. And I will tell you that by Allah's favor and permission, these people will finally achieve victory over the enemy. Of course, even in the present time, the transgressing enemy is regretful like a dog which has done something wrong. He has gotten stuck and he does not know what to do. If he turns back, he will be disgraced. If he continues, it will be more difficult for him on a daily basis.

That is why you see that the United States, Europe and all global criminals have joined hands to force an imposed truce on the people of Gaza. They want to do this in order to save the Zionist regime. The Zionist regime has gotten stuck and it will continue to get stuck from now on.

July 29, 2014


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