Imam Khamenei

We tried negotiations to end the sanctions and it did not work

The following is an excerpt of the speech delivered on November 24, 2020, by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with the members of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination.

We tried the first path for ending the sanctions. We negotiated for several years, but it did not work. The second path is to overcome the sanctions. The second path, overcoming the sanctions, is the one that can work. Of course, there are certain obstacles and hardships for doing so, but it will have a desirable end [...]

Regardless of whether we actually receive help from the outside or not, we should assume that no assistance will come from the outside. We should work and plan with this attitude. Those on whom certain people have pinned their hopes are showing enmity towards us. As for the US, it is not clear in what situation America is in – “In such times, everyone is thinking about themselves” [from a poem by Asefi Heravi]. Their problems do not allow them to express their viewpoints about international matters. They are not in a position to say something upon which one can count.

Also, we see the Europeans are constantly speaking against us. They have released a statement saying that we should do such and such things with our missiles. They themselves show the most interference in matters that do not concern them in any way, including in regional affairs. As for missiles, they themselves possess destructive nuclear missiles while reason, experience and religious criteria show that they are wrong. Both England and France have such missiles. Germany too moves in this direction. It is not clear if they possess them already or not, but they are moving in this direction anyway. That is while they say to us that we should not even have conventional missiles. Well, what is it to you? You should correct your own behavior and after that, you can talk. As you see, they cannot be trusted. They are not people from whom we can expect to receive help.

The problem with the economy of our country is not a shortage or lack of knowledge about the solutions. Experts know what the solutions are. I have witnessed that executive officials and those who are economists but who do not have a governmental position – academic personalities – express the same viewpoints. Those who work in the government, in the Majlis or in the universities of the country mention the same solutions when they want to present one. Therefore, it is clear what the solutions are. So, what do we lack? What we need is firm determination, courage and serious follow-up plans. These are what we need.



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