Imam Khamenei

We tried negotiations to no result; We can nullify sanctions

The Supreme Council of Economic Coordination held a meeting with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in attendance. This meeting was held with the participation of the heads of the three branches of government (judiciary, executive, and legislative) and other members of this Council today, Nov. 24, 2020, in Imam Khomeini’s Hussainiyah. In this meeting, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, said the only way to counteract sanctions is to "nullify and overcome them." His Eminence stated, "We tried to remove the sanctions through negotiations one time, but it was fruitless.”

In a meeting with the members of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination this Tuesday morning, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed out the path for overcoming and nullifying the sanctions. He said, “This path may have certain hardships and difficulties in the beginning, but it will have a favorable end.”

Describing sanctions as a bitter reality and referring to the US crimes and those of its European partners against the Iranian nation, Imam Khamenei stated, “It is many years now that they have been committing these crimes against the Iranian nation, but this has intensified in the past three years.”

Stressing that we should not be in hopes of a solution coming from outside the country, His Eminence went on to explain, “If we can overcome sanctions with diligence, creativity, resistance and endurance in the face of problems, and if the other side sees the futility of its sanctions, they will gradually stop imposing such sanctions.”

He also touched on the recent babbling of three European countries and added, “The US’s situation is not clear. And as for the Europeans, they are constantly taking a stand against Iran. They tell us that we should not interfere in regional affairs. And yet, they interfere the most in regional affairs. While England and France possess destructive nuclear missiles – Germany is also moving toward this end – they tell us that we should not have missiles. What does this have to do with you? Go correct yourselves first before saying anything.”

 Imam Khamenei emphasized, “We cannot trust foreign powers and pin our hopes on them.”

Elsewhere in his statements, Imam Khamenei discussed the importance of the four areas that are needed for the economy of the country – resolving the budget deficit problem, increasing investment, encouraging a surge in production and supporting the underprivileged classes of society. He said, “With the officials’ serious efforts and continuing diligence, the impact of implementing practical measures should show itself in people’s lives.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution added, “The purpose of holding this meeting is to discuss practical solutions that will give quick results, the effects of which will be tangible in people’s lives. Of course, what is needed to implement these practical solutions and for them to be effective is serious effort and constant follow-up on the part of the heads of the three branches and other officials in governmental organizations.”

His Eminence reminded that, “Experts have presented similar solutions for resolving economic problems. Therefore, the problem is not the absence of or lack of knowledge about these solutions. Rather, this task requires diligence, courage, serious effort and constant follow-up.”

Pointing to the solutions put forward by economic experts in the four areas of budget deficiency, increasing governmental and public investments, encouraging a surge in production and supporting the underprivileged classes of society, Imam Khamenei expressed the hope that implementing these strategies would produce positive results in the economy of the country and in people’s lives.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed the necessity of supporting underprivileged classes, saying, “In recent years, families have been under much pressure due to inflation and an economic recession. COVID-19 has aggravated their problems and created serious barriers for people’s livelihood for many groups of people. Therefore, we should take serious action in this regard.”


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