Imam Khamenei

An important prerequisite to women's social activity

Some people ask me: Do you regard it appropriate for women to work? I say: Of course, I do.  I am against unemployment of women; women should work. But, we have two types of work: one type is working at home [as a housewife] and the other working outside the house; they are both are works. If one has the talent to do work a job out of home, they should engage in them; it is great. But there is one prerequisite to it: it should be in a manner that this employment does not hurt the bond between husband and wife; so is true even for the work inside the house. There are some women who work too much from morning to night [doing house chores], and when their men come home, they do not have the energy to even smile at their men. This is bad, too. The housework should be done, but not so much that it leads to the destruction of the family.

February 1, 1994


If the woman wants to work, there is no problem, Islam is not against it. But it is not her duty. This is not obligatory on her. What is obligatory for her to do is to preserve the vital ambience for the whole family.

May 29, 2002


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  • 2019-06-22 21:13
    Iranians have understood this reality for quite some time - they are united in this view as firmly as they are united in their wish that the West would honor diplomatic accords. Sadly, Westerners do not understand this reality - that the US goal in Iran is civil war, chaos and the end of Muslim Democracy. The Western public has been betrayed by their media and their 1% by decades of orchestrated Iranophobia. Washington and Trump have actually foolishly painted themselves into a corner - after an "aborted attack" the only further escalation is an "actual attack". Of course, an attack on Iran has no future - 2019 Iran is not Afghanistan nor Iraq, to list two recent US military failures. An attack on Iran is to continue US policy: foment instability inside Iran, because Iran cannot be invaded. But I would advise Iran not to play games with a cornered aggressor, and one led by such an inexperienced politician with such a lack of tethering to the idea of the "public good".