Imam Khamenei

Oppression of women can be prevented via laws and edification of men

In particular, it is impossible to make progress in the absence of good families when it comes to cultural matters and certain other matters are not cultural in nature. Therefore, the family is an essential unit. It might be argued that there is progress in the west in spite of the breakup of the family. The breakup of the family unit in the west, whose manifestations are increasing on a daily basis, will have its effects on western societies. We must not expect to see the consequences too soon. The effects of global and historical events do not reveal themselves instantly: they appear in a gradual way. And they have already revealed some of their effects. The day when the west achieved those advances, the family unit was intact. Even moral principles used to be observed in man-women relationships: of course, not in an Islamic way. Somebody who is familiar with the west would confirm this both about Europe and about America. The issue of observing moral principles in man-woman relationships, the issue of modesty, the issue of avoiding slander - these principles used to be observed those days. These immoral actions appeared in the west in a gradual way. The ground was laid at that time and things deteriorated into the current situation. The current situation of the west will bring about a very bitter and hard future for them. This is the second reason. Jan 4, 2012

Given that it is possible to put an end to oppression against women - this oppression exists because of certain natural causes and human behavior - one can only do it in the shade of morality and law and by improving male patterns of behavior. But today, such a thing does not at all exist in the west. Harassing women, exerting different sexual pressures and inflicting psychological harm on women are done far more frequently in the west than in our own country and in countries about which we have enough information to make a judgment. Therefore, they could not solve that problem. On the other hand, they created so many disasters.
Of course, as I have said many times that unfortunately in our societies - that is to say, Islamic societies and our own Iranian society - there is injustice, just like western societies, in the family between men and women. This injustice mainly happens in the family. This should be prevented. Part of this injustice can be prevented through advice. And part of it cannot be prevented in such a way. It should be prevented with legal actions. Women are oppressed. Since men have more capabilities in terms of physical strengths and a number of other qualities, they misuse their capabilities and bully women. This should be prevented. This is possible by enforcing the law. Of course, as I said before, it is also possible by modifying the behavior of men. Jul 4, 2007



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