If Islamic revolution didn't care for Palestine, U.S., Zionists wouldn't be mad at it

The Islamic Revolution displayed the most solemn support for Palestine. No one, no country, no government and no people has ever defended Palestine, the Palestinians' struggles and the Palestinian Intifada like the Iranian nation, the Iranian government and the Islamic Republic. We have offered whatever we could: spiritual support as well as physical support...
This revolution is an 'Islamic' revolution. It does not care if the Palestinian nation is Shia or Sunni; it will defend them regardless. It defends the Lebanese great movement, it defends any group of Muslims anywhere in the world which moves and acts for the sake of Islam. This is what makes them [the enemies] upset. They are upset because the revolution is Islamic; otherwise, if we had closed our borders on and did not care for Sunni nations, or Sunni groups, they would never mind it. Neither the United States, nor Israel, nor Britain [would be mad at us.]

January 15, 2007

Today, the issue of Palestine is the first issue of the world of Islam. Anyone who has a correct understanding of the issue of Palestine acknowledges that the issue of Palestine is the first issue of the world of Islam. The key to defeating the enemies of Islam is the issue of Palestine. The most important issue of the world of Islam in the present time is the issue of Palestine. Why is that? This is because Palestine is an Islamic country. They have come and occupied this country. They have taken it away from its people. The issue is not about usurping a village or city. The enemy has usurped a country and it has used it as a base for jeopardizing the security of regional countries. One should fight against a cancerous tumor.

Notice that if a person issues a fatwa as a religious mufti saying that fighting against Zionism is haram, that helping such and such a group which is fighting against Zionism is not allowed, this is really a disaster to witness that some people in the world of Islam are acting against the interests of Islam and have friendly relations with the enemies. This is the exact opposite of the Quran's clear words: "Those who are with him are strong against unbelievers, but compassionate among each other" [The Holy Quran, 48: 29]. However, those people are strong against Muslims, but compassionate among unbelievers. They are on good terms with them, but notice what they are doing to Muslims...

We hope that by Allah's favor, a day will come when Palestine will be given back to the people of Palestine, when they become the owners of their own land and when Palestinian refugees return to Palestine. That day will be the Eid of the world of Islam. On that day, a real and deadly blow will be delivered to the spine of arrogance and we will work and endeavor for it. By Allah's favor, that day will come.

Nov 23, 2017


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