Imam Khomeini

The great work Imam Khomeini did...

The great Imam Khomeini's noble artistry was seen in the way that he took the corrupted system that had been ruling the country, and replaced it with a political system of love and service to the people rather than ignoring them. Rather than ignoring people’s destiny--particularly that of the youth--caring for the destiny of the people and caring for the destiny of the youth rules now, and special attention is paid to them. Instead of losing self-esteem before foreigners, self-reliance spreads among people day by day. Instead of political, economic and cultural dependence on foreigners, political, economic and cultural independence is set as the goal.

Ayatollah Khamenei, June 04, 1998

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The Islamic Revolution was a triumph; it was both a victory on the battlefield against the Arrogant Front, and, at a higher level, a winning of the hearts of the youth. This was a triumph achieved by Islam, the Revolution and Imam Khomeini; it was the victory of all victories. The great job Imam Khomeini did was nurturing the youth. 

Ayatollah Khamenei, November 06, 1991



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