Imam Khomeini

Working for the love of God never makes one fatigued


The leader of this nation and revolution was a man who took over the most difficult tasks at the age of 80. The day Imam Khomeini entered Iran, he was about eighty years old. He never said he was too old or too tired. In 1981, when I had come to Tehran once from Ahwaz, I visited him and shared with him some complaints about a matter. He wanted me to invite individuals he had selected for a meeting. The meeting was held on the same day, on short notice; but the young-hearted, spirited and powerful elderly man chaired the meeting, and never mentioned a feeling of fatigue. When the work is for the love of God, it doesn’t make one tired, and time won’t matter. Once, a shamed individual who had pretentiously joined the believers, said a word and Imam Khomeini answered: “If you do not want to do it, stay away! I will do it myself!” They couldn’t believe how Imam took over responsibilities like a young man.

Statements during a meeting with a number of the Army’s staff and commanders
September 27, 1995


  • Imam Khomeini