Covid Head 1

The recent wave of Coronavirus is the first and foremost issue of the country

In a televised speech delivered today, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, pointed to the recent wave of Coronavirus saying that this issue is the first and foremost issue of the country. Placing great emphasis on the fulfilment of duties and the implementation of decisions regarding the pandemic, Imam Khamenei offered important pieces of advice to officials and the people.

Imam Khamenei remarked, “The wild Coronavirus disease has run riot not only in Iran but also in the entire world. The disease is at its peak in the whole world.” He added, “When this enemy, the Coronavirus, acquires a new form, one’s defensive formation and strategy should naturally change as well.”

Describing the Covid-19 disease as the most important issue of the country and lamenting the high rate of mortality, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution thanked President Raisi for setting a one-week deadline in order to combat the new wave of the disease.”

Referring to the services rendered by physicians, nurses and health personnel as jihadi, Imam Khamenei stated, “I should sincerely thank them, but our thanks don’t really matter. The true thanks come from God Who is watching their efforts.”

Imam Khamenei stated that the administration’s endeavor to provide Coronavirus test kits for the people is a good measure, but he stressed that these tests should be free of charge and there should be more of them available.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution also referred to the unreliability of western governments regarding the sale of Corona vaccines to Iran. In this regard, he stated, “The administration and the Ministry of Health had purchased vaccines from certain places and certain countries and through the COVAX. They even paid for it, but the western sides broke their promises. However, after the arrival of our own vaccine into the market and after the people began to use them, the importation issue improved as well. In other words, the path was cleared.”

Imam Khamenei added, “In any case, the efforts should be intensified for both the importation of vaccines and for their domestic manufacture. They should provide the people with the vaccine in whatever way possible. Millions of vaccines should become available.”

In another piece of advice, he pointed to the problems related to medication and the distribution network, demanding firm action regarding the violations and the brokerage markets that limit the people’s access to necessary medicines.

Looking back to the services offered by the military and the Basij when the disease had just appeared in the country, Imam Khamenei asked for exploiting the full potential of these groups in helping the people.

He asked the people to remain committed to health protocols and stated that violating these protocols will endanger the whole society. Imam Khamenei referred to the Muharram mourning occasions, describing them as a source of divine mercy: “We need these ceremonies. They should be there, but they should be held with utmost care and by observing all protocols.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution called on the people to continue making charitable donations during this difficult period. At the end of his statements, he mentioned, “My last word of advice is that you should pay attention to prayers, to supplication and to reliance on God.” Imam Khamenei also asked the Iranian people to pray to God so that He will save the people of Iran and people all over the world from this malicious disease.