Imam Khamenei

Imam Khamenei's submission to the health protocols during Corona

Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, has encouraged both the people and officials to carefully observe the health protocols for the prevention of Covid-19 from the early days of the outbreak. In addition, he himself has obeyed the regulations enacted by the National Committee on Combating Corona even more than others. Moreover, his Eminence has reminded both the people and officials of the necessity of observing the enacted rules in various speeches.

Advice to the officials

The next point is that I strongly ask all the organizations in the country to cooperate responsibly with the Ministry of Health, which is in the frontline of confronting this disease, and to provide it with all resources and amenities. Of course, I have also asked the Armed Forces and the organizations which are in contact with my office to provide the people with all their resources in this regard.  [Mar 3, 2020]

Of course, countries have different performances in managing coronavirus. Not all countries are the same. Some countries – such as the US whose management is among the worst ones on this matter - have had the worst management and some are in a better condition. We should try to exercise the best management so that we can pass through this event. This is a very important event.  [Oct 24, 2020]

Unfortunately, we sometimes see on television that in certain places and discussions, there are some people and some officials who do not even wear a mask, or who do not wear it correctly, who show negligence and who do not observe social distancing regulations. Officials should observe these regulations. When officials do not do so, the people feel that observing them is not really necessary. [Oct 24, 2020]


Advice to the people

Of course, the honorable officials in this area have given certain instructions which should be acted on, God willing. Everyone should comply with them. These instructions are for the sake of saving your own lives and those of other people and for controlling this dangerous disease. Therefore, everyone should carry them out. [Mar 22, 2020]

I have a few requests to make to our dear people. One is that they should not ignore the recommendations and instructions given by the officials in charge: instructions concerning prevention, keepings one’s hands and face and the living environment clean and trying to avoid contaminating these. They should act on the instructions given by experts.

Surely, everything that leads to society’s health and everything that helps prevent the disease from becoming rampant is a good deed and on the contrary, everything that helps the disease become widespread is a sin. Allah the Exalted has made us responsible towards our own health and that of others and the health of the people. So, the first word of advice is that we should consider it our responsibility to completely observe the instructions specified by officials and to act on them. [Mar 3, 2020]


Not holding public meetings

Well, one of my comforts and solaces in the course of all these years has been the meetings with the people. One of my attachments and passions has been meetings with the people as I could listen and talk and see people from various social backgrounds. However, this little and dangerous enemy, the coronavirus – which is both little and mean and at the same time, very dangerous and perilous – has prevented this. It has taken away from me this attachment like many others. Instead of this program, I was supposed to have a videoconference with the medical personnel of the country and volunteers in this area, but they would have to gather together somewhere and because the regulation passed by the National Anti-Corona Headquarters stipulates that no more than 10 people should gather in one single place, I canceled it. So, we organized this videoconference instead of that and I am addressing you dear people at a distance. [Jul 31, 2020]


Insistence on observing the health protocols during Muharram mourning ceremonies

I wish to say something about Muharram. There are many debates about Muharram. People have been speaking about Muharram for a long time. Well, they will hold the mourning ceremonies one way or another, but what I want to stress is that in mourning ceremonies, the main criterion is what medical experts – the National Anti-Corona Headquarters – announce to us. I myself will observe whatever action they deem necessary. My firm recommendation to all those who wish to participate in the mourning ceremonies – including mourning committees, those who take the minbar, the organizers, panegyrists, performers of elegies and the like – is this: before you do anything, you should see what they say. If the National Anti-Corona Headquarters issues certain regulations for these occasions, all of us will have a duty to observe them. The issue is not a minor issue, rather it is a very important one. In the present time, there is supervision and control to some extent. However, if God forbid, these measures are taken lightly and if people do not observe them, then there will be a disaster with unclear consequences at the end. [Jul 31, 2020]


Advising to follow the instructions of the National Committee on Combating Corona in not participating in the Arbaeen walk

Well, my discussion is over. I only wish to add something about the issue of the coronavirus. You should not underestimate the coronavirus. When 150 compatriots are lost every day, is this a minor issue? Some people do not have a correct estimate and evaluation about this issue. Imagine that an airplane with 300 passengers crashes every two days and all of them die. Is this a minor incident? If we have 140, 150, 170 victims every day, is this a minor tragedy? The cure is in our own hands. Well, as you see, the officials in charge are really sacrificing themselves. Physicians, nurses, managers and others are all working hard. Therefore, we people should carry out our duties: keeping social distance, wearing a mask and observing the instructions given such as washing hands are necessary tasks that should be carried out.

There is a debate about Arbaeen. Well, some people love Imam Hussein and Arbaeen. It is clear. All of us do. Well, many of you have gone on an Arbaeen pilgrimage, but I have been deprived of it although I have been willing to go: “Although we are away from you, we speak in your memory” [from a poem by Hafiz]. However, participating in the Arbaeen rally depends on the opinion of the officials in the National Anti-Corona Headquarters. If they say no – and so far, they have said no – everyone should follow and obey. If we go to the border to express our love, this is not a good course of action. We can do so at home. There are two, three supplications for Arbaeen. On Arbaeen Day, all the people can read the Arbaeen Ziyarah in an attentive manner and complain to Imam Hussein (greetings be upon him) saying, “Oh Master of Martyrs, we wished to come, but it was not possible as things are like this.” The Imam will pay attention to us and help us remove this obstacle. [Sep 21, 2020]


Insisting on the necessity to follow the health protocols concerning re-opening mosques for prayers during the month of Ramadan

The second point is that there is an unanswered question about praying and other religious ceremonies. Of course, I do not want to put forward any proposal to the National Anti-Coronavirus Headquarters about mosques, prayer halls and the like. I follow the expert decisions made by the Headquarters, but what I want to say is that praying and religious activities, in particular in the month of Ramadan and in particular in the Nights of Qadr which are ahead of us, are one of the people’s definite and fundamental needs. From one viewpoint, they are not that different from worldly needs and from another viewpoint, they are even more important than worldly needs. The people need to be in contact with God, to pray and to supplicate, in particular when important matters arise. Therefore, we should think of something for resolving this matter.

I even believe that if strict regulations are imposed in this regard, our pious people and mosque frequenters will observe them more than others. In other words, if pious people are told that they should observe certain regulations when visiting holy places, mosques and hussainiyahs, I believe that those who are interested in attending mosques will observe them carefully. As I said, I have no suggestions in this regard and I will approve of the expert and carefully studied decisions of the Headquarters, but I recommend that you entrust this task to those who understand, in the real sense of the word, the significance of dua, supplication and spiritual matters. It is such individuals who should examine the matter and make decisions. Whatever decision they make, I and all the people will be obliged to implement them, God willing. [May 10, 2020]


Insisting on the necessity to cancel all religious gatherings in accordance with the regulations set by the National Committee on Combating Corona

I would like to reiterate again that everyone should act on the instructions given and announced by the officials of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters. They have even cancelled religious gatherings. Well, it is unprecedented in our entire history to cancel all religious gatherings in places such as holy shrines and public and Friday prayers. It is unprecedented, but there was no other option. They have determined it to be an expedient measure and this is how they acted. The people should observe the instructions so that Allah the Exalted will help the Iranian nation, all Muslim nations and the entire humanity get rid of this plague as soon as possible. [Mar 22, 2020]







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