Imam Khamenei

The US has had the worst coronavirus management

The following is an excerpt of the speech delivered on October 24, 2020, by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with the officials of the National Anti-Coronavirus Headquarters.

Of course, countries have different performances in managing coronavirus. Not all countries are the same. Some countries – such as the US whose management is among the worst ones on this matter - have had the worst management and some are in a better condition. We should try to exercise the best management so that we can pass through this event. This is a very important event.

The thing that some people did a couple of weeks ago concerning the administration, the President, and executive officials, was wrong even though there are good brothers among those who did it. I wish to openly say that criticizing is different from insulting. Insulting officials – no matter which ones – is not permitted. Even among the masses of the people, insulting is haraam and impermissible, but in the case of officials, it is even more so, particularly in the case of high-ranking officials of the country. You might have some legitimate and correct criticisms and you have the right to voice them, but it is one thing to criticize, it is quite another to insult and to stain people’s names. This is a very important point which everyone should pay attention to. Such actions and such insults are typical of the Americans who have scandalized themselves throughout the world: they have ruined their reputation in their debates, in their encounters, and in their press and in the media.

Health officials should do something to identify and to treat the patients from the first, second day. Experts have said to me that if this is done, the number of casualties will decrease to one tenth. Well, this is very important. We should do everything we can in this regard.

Unfortunately, we sometimes see on television that in certain places and discussions, there are some people and some officials who do not even wear a mask, or who do not wear it correctly, who show negligence and who do not observe social distancing regulations. Officials should observe these regulations. When officials do not do so, the people feel that observing them is not really necessary.

Some people have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic. Some of those who have lost their jobs do not have unemployment insurance. Therefore, the Social Security Organization should get involved on this matter. Of course, as I mentioned before, this problem is one of those which can be resolved with the help of benefactors as it is one of the best deeds for getting close to God and it is also one of the best charitable acts.

All the things that I mentioned are mere tools. He who gives life to these tools and who renders them efficient is God: “With Your Grace, you render instruments useful” [Sahifa al-Sajjadiyyah, Dua 7]. It is Allah the Exalted Whom we should ask for help. We should pray and supplicate to him. If God bestows His grace on our nation – as has always been the case: on this matter too, there are certain good people and if they pray and raise their hands to pray, God will show His grace to our nation again – then all the things that I mentioned, these tools, will work and will become efficient. We should pray, supplicate and ask for God’s forgiveness: “Oh God, forgive me for those sins which bring us punishment and pain.” There are certain sins that bring people and societies divine punishment. “Oh God, forgive me for those sins which block the path of prayers. Oh God, forgive me for those sins which lead to calamity.” Therefore, repentance is necessary. We should repent so that Allah the Exalted bestows His Grace and so that we will get through this difficult pass, God willing.


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