12 truths about the westernized individuals' Utopia: The United States of America

In a video conference with cabinet members on August 23, 2020, Imam Khamenei called the Western model of management a failed model. In listing some of the problems of the United States as the peak of Western capitalism, Imam Khamenei stated, "This place is the utopia of westernized individuals! This is the same utopia that westernized individuals look at as a point of reference and as a utopia. These are the US’s characteristics." In various statements, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has cited examples of the US’s problems. Khamenei.ir reviews some of these excerpts from his statements.

1. The ruthless American police coldly strangle a black man

What is being witnessed today in US cities and states is the revelation of certain truths that used to be covered up all the time before. When a police officer holds his knee on a black man’s neck and presses hard for several minutes with total inattention while the man keeps imploring and begging him to stop, while the police officer keeps doing it until he dies and while the other policemen just watch without taking any action to stop him- this is not a new incident. This runs in the nature of America! This is what the Americans have done to the whole world. They did the same things to Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Syria, to Vietnam and to many other countries in the world. [Jun 3, 2020]

2. During the Covid-19 pandemic, one government confiscates gloves belonging to another government

During the coronavirus pandemic, Western culture and civilization showed their mettle! Well, our national television showed some of the things that happened in western countries, in Europe and in the US, but some of them were not broadcast because this is the information that we receive and therefore, we are aware of it. The west displayed its cultural products as well. In some western countries– in Europe and the US– it so happened that governments confiscated masks and gloves belonging to another government while they were being transferred in order to use them for themselves. This happened in European and American governments. [Apr 9, 2020]

3. During the Covid-19 pandemic, shops were emptied and people lined up to buy guns

The people there emptied the stores in a short time, in the space of one, two hours- as they were anxious to fill their fridges and they emptied the shops. They showed the whole world on television the empty shelves in the stores. Our television showed it as well. And there were some people who fought with one another over toilet paper. There were also long rows of people trying to buy guns. It was broadcast on television that the people were lining up to buy guns because they felt insecure and felt the need to buy guns in this sensitive period of time. We can also refer to their prioritization of patients: their preference not to treat the elderly. They said, “It is not necessary for us to bother treating the elderly, the disabled and the like who suffer from various conditions and ailments considering the restrictions that we have.” These are the things that have happened there. Some people in those countries have committed suicide out of fear of the coronavirus and of death. This is the conduct that some western nations have shown. [Apr 9, 2020]

4. The elderly and disabled are not treated for Covid-19

Western social philosophy – which is actually a materialistic philosophy in body and soul: such a philosophy that measures everything with money – become a scandal in the world with their outlook towards the elderly and towards those who do not have monetary benefits for their countries and their societies – the sick and the physically and mentally disabled individuals. In some countries, nursing homes were abandoned as a result of which some of them lost their lives or some elderly and some people with physical and social disabilities were discarded. This indicates the defeat of the social philosophy ruling over western countries which as it happens, make extravagant claims. In such countries, money is the main criterion and it is only money that talks. Well, when circumstances are like this, an old man or an old woman who do not generate money for society should naturally not be heeded and they are really not heeded. This is the defeat of that social philosophy. [May 10, 2020]

5. The salaries of 80% of workers in America do not suffice for their livelihood

Today, class inequalities in the US are more visible than ever. This is not my claim, rather this is something acknowledged by one of the political personalities in the US who is a member of the ruling body in that country. He was a congressman and he is a senator. This is what he has claimed. I know his name, but I do not wish to mention the name of individuals. He says that in the Trump administration, who has been holding office in the past three years, more than 100 billion dollars have been added to the wealth of the five richest individuals in the US. The wealth of three of these five individuals is equal to that of half the people of the US! Notice how big the gap is- it means that the wealth of three individuals equals that of 160 million people! This is one side of the matter. Another side of the matter is that the salaries that 80 percent of workers receive do not suffice to earn a living. Notice the big gap between the social classes. It is terrifying. The same person says – these are their own figures and the speaker is not a simple journalist, rather the person is an outstanding and well-known politician – that only one out of five Americans can afford their medication if they consult a doctor. If the other four visit a doctor, they do not have the money to afford their medication. The income gap between whites and blacks has tripled in the last 50 years. The current US president claims that he has improved the economic conditions. Yes, they say that the economy has improved, but for billionaires, not for the people of America. Such is the social condition in the US. [Feb 18, 2020]

6. The United States ranks first in the world in killing its own people

There are numerous problems inside the US itself. The US Department of Agriculture has officially announced that 41 million people in the US wrestle with hunger! This is the condition of the US. This is the economic condition of the US. The US government’s deficit amounts to 2.2 trillion dollars. This is a mythical sum. These sums of money are unbelievable. These are their maladies. That is while that person expresses his sympathy with the Iranian nation saying that they want the Iranian nation to be happy and to have job opportunities. You should go correct your own affairs! If you can, you should go correct your own conditions. The US is the first in the world in terms of violent crimes. It is the first in the world in terms of drug consumption. It is the first in the world in terms of killing its own people. It is the first in the world in terms of police killings of the people. The statistics that they themselves have released show that in the past eight months, 830 Americans have been killed on the streets by the police. This is the social condition of a government that challenges the Iranian nation. [Jun 4, 2019]

7. They explicitly say that they deployed troops to Syria for oil

The long-term actions of the US, its warmongering and its performance sheet in many countries – including in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria – have contributed to this hatred as well. They explicitly say that they will deploy their forces in such and such an area of Syria because there is oil there. They say this openly. They are so shameless and brazen. Of course, the Americans will not stay for long either in Syria or in Iraq and they will be forced to leave and they will certainly leave. [May 17, 2020]

8. The election of someone like Trump is a salient sign of America's political decline

If there is only one reason to evidence the political decline of the US, which I will mention – this would be enough: the election of someone of the caliber of Mr. Donald Trump! This election in itself is a sign of the political decline of the US. The fate of three hundred-plus million individuals is in the hands of someone with these qualities: this is a sign of the political decline of the US! When someone becomes the president of a country about whose psychological, mental and moral stability there are many questions, this is a sign of the decline of that country - a political and moral decline. They constantly supported and defended the crimes and slaughter conducted by the Zionist regime. They advocated the crimes of several governments in Yemen and the slaughter of the innocent people of Yemen. They advocate crimes. Is there ever a moral decline worse than this? [Jun 4, 2019]

9. 41 million people are hungry and lack food security

The report that the United States Department of Agriculture has released: 41 percent of the Americans suffer from hunger and lack of food security. This is the condition of the US. So these commotions, rantings and ravings and their so-called economic pressures on the Iranian nation are exerted by such a government in whose country there are 41 million people suffering from hunger, according to the figures that they themselves have released. [May 14, 2019]

10. The highest rate of drug abuse in the world is in the United States

As for their social condition, they have a center that tracks the vital statistics of the country. This center states that about 40 percent of births in the United States are illegitimate. There are over two million prisoners in the US which is unprecedented in the world! Compared to their population, it is unprecedented. In no country in the world are there such a large number of prisoners, considering population. The highest rate of consuming addictive drugs belongs to the US. Notice that these are social problems. [May 14, 2019]

11. The United States is $ 15 trillion in debt

Today, America’s public debts amount to over 15 trillion dollars or more [with the total public debts outstanding at over 21 trillion!] --This is a grotesque figure! Their debts amount to 15 trillion USD! And their budget deficit is about 800 billion dollars in the current year. These are, in fact, their economic deficiencies. As usual, they try to cover them up with pompous gestures, slogans, and various statements to keep up for the sake of appearances, but these are the realities of the US. [Nov 3, 2018]

12. They support ISIS, terrorists, dictatorial regimes and criminals

The regime of the United States of America, is one of the most corrupt and oppressive governments in the world. They support terrorists. They supported DAESH as much as they could. In the present time too, despite all the fuss that they kick up, they are still helping DAESH and takfiris like DAESH behind the scenes. This is according to the news that we have received. They support terrorism. They support tyrannical governments. They used to support the Shah. They support the oppressive House of Saud. They support some oppressive dynasties in the region. Are there actions which are more erroneous than these? Is there any corruption which is graver than this? They support criminals, whether the criminals who are committing crimes in Palestine – the Zionist regime – or the ones who are committing crimes in Yemen. In Yemen, they shed blood every day. [Dec 27, 2017]



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