The U.S. has promoted Islamophobia and warmongering using 9/11

The events of September 11, 2001 marked the beginning of a new wave of Islamophobia and the promotion of warmongering around the world by the United States. The invasion of Muslim countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, and the subsequent wave of insults to Islamic sanctities, are some of the issues that the world has witnessed since that event. What follows are excerpts from statements made by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, regarding the plans and conspiracies of Global Arrogance to exploit the events of 9/11.


Global Arrogance’s goal from the event of 9/11 was to instigate wars between Christians and Muslims

A few years ago, one of the European heads of state came to Tehran, and in a meeting with me, he indirectly referred to a Christian-Muslim war. In reply to him, I expressed my surprise and asked if there was to be a war between Muslims and Christians! I said that the Muslims do not have any motivation to start a war with the Christians. Furthermore, in the last hundred years, perhaps even more, most wars in the world - the great wars - have taken place between the Christians themselves: World War I, World War II, and the French and German Wars. I named some of them and told him that these wars were between Christian governments and not between Christians and Muslims. At that time, I wondered why he had said this. A while later, this event involving the New York towers occurred. And, the President of the United States said, “The Crusades have started!” The person we are talking about, who had spoken of these things in that meeting, was one of the main figures who was directly involved in the US-Zionist project of invading Iraq after George Bush's statements. That was when I realized that what he had told me at that time had been preceded by a negotiation, a dialogue, or an agreement among the leaders of the Arrogant Powers of the world. These were the ones who had formed the American-Zionist ring of conspiracy against the Middle East, and their first step was to invade Iraq. That was when the meaning of his statement became clear to me. Crusades! A war between Muslims and Christians! But of course, they did not succeed.
They have made numerous attempts from that day, and up until today. The story of these offensive cartoons is also a part of this series. The insulting statements made by some politicians and the press against Islam and Muslims in the United States and Europe are also a part of it. [Sept. 18, 2006]


The U.S. wants to pit nations against each other

The day following the September 11 incident when U.S. president inadvertently said that a crusade had begun - but later U.S. officials realized that they had made a mistake and that they should not have said so, and they tried to make up for their mistake - nobody quite realized what this crusade meant. It means a war between Christian and Muslim nations. U.S. politicians intend to prepare the ground for pitting these nations against each other. Thus, both Muslims and Christians in the world should be quite aware and vigilant so as not to play into the hands of these wicked politicians. [Feb 7, 2006​]


9/11 was an excuse to create a Middle East centered around Israeli interests

The Americans used the event that happened on the 20th of Shahrivar - that is to say, the 11th of September - four, five years ago as a pretext to pursue their greedy desires in the Middle East region. Their main goal was to build a kind of Middle East which would pivot around the interests of Israel. As we used to say in those days, they wanted to build a kind of Middle East whose capital would be Israel. This was what they were looking for. Attacking and occupying Iraq was part of their plan. Iraq is one of the wealthiest Arab countries in the region, a country in which the people, unfortunately, live in such poverty and such difficult conditions. The Americans wanted to keep a hold on this country. Saddam was not enough for them because he was not predictable. They wanted to help a government come to power which would look to be supported by the people and which would be under their control. This was one of their important steps in creating a new Middle East which would pivot around the interests of Israel. Then this kind of Middle East would be able to lay siege to Iran. This was their goal. [Sep 14, 2007]


No one believes the U.S. brought democracy to Iraq

After the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Americans tried to portray the regional situation as bipolar involving a fight between democracy and terrorism. They broadcast various propaganda, spent a great deal of energy, launched numerous military attacks, incurred heavy expenses and did whatever they could so that they could claim that they were spreading democracy, that the region was trying to spread terrorism and that they were here to save the region. Just take a look at the situation in Iraq which was the focus of their concern. If you ask the ordinary people in Iraq they will say that Americans themselves are the cause of terrorism. Nobody believes that the US brought democracy for Iraq. [Jan 3, 2008]


The issue of Palestine was marginalized in the Islamic world under the pretext of the 9/11 attacks

The Zionists took advantage of the September 11 incidents in New York and Washington, which sidelined the issue of Palestine, and escalated their crimes and brutalities against the Palestinian people with full support from the United States. The Zionist regime even barred foreign reporters from entering the occupied territories in order to prevent the disclosure of the crimes committed by the Israeli soldiers against the innocent Palestinians, especially those living in the refugee camps. [Jan 31, 2002]


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