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UAE will regret it

On August 13, 2020, the Israeli regime and the United Arab Emirates announced a deal to normalize relations. This article examines the causes and consequences of this event.

By Mohsen PakAein

The Sheikh of the UAE has announced a deal with the fake and occupying regime of Palestinian with his hands stained with the blood of the oppressed people of Yemen.

Facing complex problems in the last months of his presidency, Donald Trump is seeking to achieve something for his government by mediating between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi. There are a few things to keep in mind about this agreement:

1- The joint statement of the United States, Israel and the United Arab Emirates states that under this agreement, the Zionist regime will give up the annexation of the West Bank. However, due to the resistance of the Palestinian people and the “axis of Resistance”, the implementation of the deal of the century plan has been stopped for a long time and the issue of sovereignty of the Zionist regime over the areas declared in this plan has been sidelined. Certainly, the Deal of the Century would have failed without the lousy agreement of the UAE, and the sheikhs of the UAE have made a great strategic mistake.

2. The UAE's policy of normalizing relations with the criminal regime of Israel came at a time when the world of Islamic was celebrating the fourteenth anniversary of the proudful victory of the Resistance in the 33-day war against the Zionist aggressors, commemorating the sacrifice and bravery of Hezbullah. At the same time, the UAE's decision coincides with the unstable situation of Netanyahu and his government inside the occupied territories, indicating the efforts of the UAE rulers to save the bankrupt Israeli Prime Minister.

3- The action of the UAE is against the liberation of Palestine and Bayt al-Muqaddas (Jerusalem) and not only it is not in the interest of peace and security in West Asia, but it will make the Zionists more impudent in committing new crimes against the Palestinian people. This approach has brought isolation and disgrace for the UAE in the Muslim world and among Muslims, and it has not brought any gains for the Korahs of the Persian Gulf, and moreover, it has strengthened the Axis of Resistance and it shall make the small US-dependent sheikhdoms to regret.

4- The betrayal of the UAE to the cause of the liberation of Palestine and the Holy Quds will certainly not be accepted by the oppressed people of Palestine and the free nations of the world, and will lead to severe condemnation by the world of Islam. This betrayal requires a decisive response in support of the question of Palestine and the high interests of the Arab countries, and this will come true, sooner or later.

5. By this agreement, the UAE will intensify the existing differences in the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, and Abu Dhabi, which along with Riyadh invaded Yemen and ignited division in the Council, will pave the way for the collapse of the Cooperation Council. The consequences of this treacherous and divisive mistake will never be erased from the history of the people of the region.

6- After announcing the deal between the UAE and the Zionist regime, the Muslim countries and the Arab world must treat the UAE as an enemy and on the same level with the Zionist regime. The reduction of political relations and the recall of the ambassadors of Muslim countries from the UAE and the severance of economic relations with this country will strengthen the Axis of Resistance for the continuation of the Intifada and the recapture of the occupied territories from the fake regime.

With its miscalculation, the UAE seeks to revive the dead and invalid plan of the Deal of the Century while exposing itself to a gradual death. The failed and the ignominious experience of the agreement with Israel, which is reminiscent of the disgraceful Camp David Accords, has certainly not served the purpose of the United States and the Zionist regime and will remain as a disgrace in the history of the small Persian Gulf sheikhdoms. The UAE's reward for the criminal occupiers of Zionism will ignite the anger of the people of West Asia and make the UAE regret it.


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