Imam Khamenei

Why do Western governments seek to restrict the Muslim generation?

The blessing of marriage – whether for the boy or for the girl – is a great blessing which is not truly appreciated by many people. That Allah the Exalted helps you with the blessing of finding a good spouse, this is one of the greatest divine blessings. Therefore, one should thank God for it. And the way to show this gratitude is to completely observe the criteria that Allah the Exalted has specified for family – for both the wife and the husband - and the familial ethics that Islam has recommended. And you should also appreciate the value of life. By Allah’s favor, you should try to make your life as Islamic as you can. This is one point.

The second point is about the hadith by the Holy Prophet that I recited at this meeting: “Get married, have children and increase your population.” Allah the Exalted has asked Muslims to increase their population. It is really the case that if the population of Muslim nations – an Islamic country like Iran or an Islamic country in the Islamic Ummah – increases, this will prepare the ground for their growth and transcendence. When the population is large, righteous individuals will naturally be larger in number, capabilities will naturally be more and human resources will obviously be more advanced. This will naturally be the case if the population is large. A small population will be subdued.

Today, those countries which have a large population in the world have made many achievements. China is an example. India is another example. Although they have certain problems, this large population has brought them many achievements in the form of social, political and international value. Therefore, the population should increase. This is the reason why I am stressing this issue.

Of course, today, the people in our country are of the same opinion and they have no objections. Those who have heard this idea are alright with it and they listen, but the officials who should pursue it in practice and prepare the ground are not doing what is necessary. Of course, high-ranking officials say that they agree with this, but middle-ranking officials are not doing their duties properly. In any case, having more children should turn into a culture.

Notice that in some western countries – for example in the US – some families have 15, 20 children and they are encouraged to do so and no one blames them for it. However, when it comes to our country, the opposite – in other words, having few children – is encouraged. So, this is another point that should receive attention, God willing.

The last point is that your wives and husbands should help one another on the path of the truth and on the straight path. Women can help their husbands to be steadfast and determined on the straight path. Men can offer the same help to their wives. You should live like two partners and like two trench mates. In practice, wives and husbands are the most intimate people both in the area of sharia and in the realities of life. You should increase friendliness, warmth and kindness amongst yourselves. Kindness is the main ingredient for sweet family life. You should try to be as kind as you can to one another. This depends on you and you can do it. [Aug 4, 2019]


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