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When Iran can launch a satellite into space, a surge in production is also doable

On the occasion of Laborers Week and in an endeavor to pursue the slogan of the year – “A Surge in Production” – Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, held a video conference with seven active manufacturers from different parts of the country. In this video conference, managers and a number of exemplary laborers delivered reports on the status of production and about their achievements, issues and problems. They also put forward solutions and proposals for solving existing problems and realizing the slogan of the year. His Eminence met with laborers every year on the occasion of Laborers Week, but this year the meeting was held via videoconferencing in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

In referring to Laborers Week and in discussing the issue of assuring the rights of the workforce, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated, “The natural rights of the workforce should be respected – in other words, fair wages and regular, on time payments.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed the importance of job security, adding, “Job stability means job security, and this is a very important issue. Some of the gentlemen who delivered speeches today mentioned that none of their workforces has been suspended from work following the spread of the Coronavirus and the emergence of certain economic problems. This is a very good course of action.”

Imam Khamenei stated that insurance, education, and welfare and healthcare services are some of laborers’ rights and that they are the natural responsibility of employers, “Of course, if we pay more attention to laborers – for example, if the needs of their families, such as education and their children’s marriages are satisfied – this will help the relationship between laborers and employers. This is a very good and auspicious matter.”

Congratulating laborers during Laborers Week, His Eminence expressed the hope that the measures, which had been adopted during this period, would solve some of the problems laborers have been encountering.

Imam Khamenei compared domestic production with the immune system of the human body and added, “These days, we are dealing with the issue of the Coronavirus. The role of the immune system of the body in confronting viruses, bacteria and invasive microbes is a very important role. Undoubtedly, the Coronavirus has entered many bodies, but not all of them have become sick. Why? Because they had a very good, healthy immune system which managed to resist and ensure the safety of the body. Similarly, if we liken the economy of the country to the human body, the defense and security system of the economy is production. In other words, the thing that can repel the viruses and microbes invading the economy and keep it safe is domestic production.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed out that the Iranian economy is exposed to many natural and man-made viruses, saying, “Our economy is, unfortunately, suffering from many natural microbes and viruses. Of course, there are man-made viruses as well. These are viruses such as sanctions and the current oil price. These are things that harm the economy. However, if we continually have a good, appropriate, developing production in the country, we can resist such viruses.”

Imam Khamenei described the mutual cooperation between the workforce and investors as “essential” and stated, “The workforce and laborers should strengthen and increase their skills, sense of responsibility and precision. They should work more responsibly. As for employers, they should increase the laborers’ share from the revenues. Some of our friends in the labor force have complained that their viewpoints had been overlooked in the enactment of certain legislation. Such regulations should definitely be designed justly. The business owners should pay attention to this point. When announcing the policies for an economy of resistance, I stressed the need for cooperation between laborers and employers. If this exists, these two – laborers and employers – together will form the two main pillars for economic growth and development.”

In pointing to the recent achievement of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in launching the Nour Satellite into space, His Eminence stated, “Unfortunately, some people in the country constantly say that it’s impossible and that we can’t; however, we are perfectly capable. The reason for this is that when we are capable of launching a satellite into space with a speed of 7,500 m/s, can successfully put the satellite in orbit and can make great progress in the area of defense industries, we are equally capable of achieving a surge in production.”

He added, “The wisdom and thought that can build such a satellite and set themselves the goal of launching another satellite with an orbit of 36,000 kilometers definitely have the spirit, innovation and creativity to build automobiles with a 5 L/100 km fuel consumption rate and to develop other areas of production.”

At the end of this meeting, His Eminence expressed hope that the new situation that has come about after the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country and the expansion of a spirit of cooperation among people to meet needs, will pave the way for new work and development in the country's economic fields.


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  • 2020-05-23 16:57
    Wonder when Iran gets serious to draw the plans needed to gradually reduce its run away subsidies, that has nearly bankrupted the government while very few Iranians know their real values and worse appreciate it but to the contrary or some mindless would not be protesting against the increase of petrol prices while with the increased price they were still enjoying by far the lowest prices of petrol in the world! Investing these huge sum of money that are wasted as subsidies now can enable the country to develop her infrastructures and create tens of thousands of well paying jobs jobs that enables Iranians to earn their own living with dignity than via handouts while building their country and paying taxes on their earnings too than demanding for more unsustainable subsidies. Running the country is by no mean a burial processions that people invite themselves for free goodies that does not belong to them but to their children, grand children, and next generation of Iranians to come.