Jihad against coronavirus

Appreciative of your loneliness...

I have already sincerely thanked physicians, nurses and medical teams, but I deem it necessary to thank all those dear ones once more. Certain phenomena were witnessed these days which are really and truly instructive for all of us and which indicate the sense of responsibility of our medical staff and their human and religious commitment in the country.

Physicians, nurses and other medical personnel are truly engaged in a jihad in the way of God. What they are doing in the present time is jihad in the way of God and it is really valuable. I also deem it necessary to thank the families of those dear ones – their wives, their children and their parents who endure these difficulties. It is several consecutive days and nights that those dear ones have not gone home as they are busy working. They are working day and night and their families endure it. Therefore, I deeply thank them.

Mar 3, 2020


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