A nurse is God's angel of mercy

Nurses are angels of mercy for patients. When a patient is completely alone and when even their spouse, children and parents are not by their side, they pin their hopes on nurses after God. Under such circumstances, it is nurses who attend to their pains, problems and physical and psychological needs like heavenly angels of mercy. These are very important and are not missed in divine presence.

Nursing is one of the most difficult tasks in terms of the mental and physical pressures that are exerted on a nurse. Sitting beside patients, being with them all the time, listening to their complaints, behaving towards them in a kind way, smiling at them and helping them - with one's actions, behavior and hospitality - to forget about the pains that they feel during their treatment require iron patience. Nurses have such a condition. There are patients who are in great pain, who are losing hope of living and who have no access to anyone and anywhere - particularly, the children, those who suffer from a chronic disease and those who are receiving intensive care. Notice what a great pressure looking after such people exerts on one's soul, body and nerves. Notice what a great resource of patience, endurance, sacrifice, tolerance and good behavior is necessary for nurses so that they are able to look after patients.

There is a narration which says, "A person who attends to a patient is like a person who swims in divine mercy". Some people might be surprised at this and they might ask, "Why is attending to a patient so special?" You yourselves who are aware of patients' needs and the effect of your job understand why such a great reward is specified for a nurse and caretaker. It is because the effect of what you do is priceless and it is above ordinary calculations.

Boosting patients' morale is sometimes more vital and effective than giving drugs to them. It is you who give them this high morale. We read in prayers: "Oh God, I ask you for the requirements of your mercy" [Bihar al-Anwar, Volume 83, page 98]. Divine mercy is not bestowed on people without any calculation and reason. One should supplicate before God so that He gives us the requirements of mercy. This means that we should carry out those tasks which bring about the requirements of mercy. Then, God will bestow His mercy on us. This profession is the best one in this regard and it is very valuable and precious. This was the point that I wanted you to pay attention to. I wanted you to know what a valuable task you are carrying out. Of course, it is possible that no eye sees your efforts. No one sees many of your efforts and pains. Sometimes, one single smile from you revives a depressed patient. Who sees this smile? Who pays attention to it? Who allocates a monetary and financial reward to this smile of yours? No one does this, but those angels who record our actions see them. Divine calculation and divine judgment see your smile.

Jun 23, 2004


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