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Which nation in the world is a free nation? Imam Khamenei elaborates

My dear ones, you should see what a free nation means. When they say that freedom is a value, what does the freedom of a nation rely on? Which nation is referred to as a free nation? A free nation is a nation that wills and that acts freely, that identifies its true and national interests and that safeguards those interests with its independence in the area of willpower and action. A free nation needs these things. It is these characteristics and qualities that introduce a free nation to us.

If a nation manages to make this correct decision and to avoid being influenced by the enemy’s calculation sabotage, it will achieve good results. As for calculation sabotage, notice that one of the primary tasks of the enemy is to change the calculations of the officials and intellectuals of the country and secondly those of the masses of the people. He wants to influence their calculations.

For example, imagine that you succeed in installing a virus in someone’s personal computer with the result that the computer produces false and wrong data. The enemy sometimes influences the public and general computer of the country’s management, its thinking and its calculations. A free nation is a nation that does not accept this influence, that thinks freely in the true sense of the word, that acts with courage and that pursues its own national interests. Well, what does this require? It requires insight.

If we do not have insight, if we do not benefit from correct thinking, from open eyes and from vigilance, we will not correctly identify our true interests, we will not successfully find the path to achieving those interests and we will not correctly identify the person who should undertake this heavy load. When there is no insight, we look like a person who has no eyes and who consequently fails to see the path. Insight is this significant for a country, a nation and the masses of people in that country. If these qualities exist in a country and nation, that nation will achieve the desired results.

Of course, this brings about certain requirements for all groups of people including our Armed Forces. We should not think that some people have insight in the country and therefore, the Armed Forces should blindly obey whatever they say. No, insight is a public quality. This is the case in the Islamic government. In the Islamic government, each and every one of you should think, deliberate, identify, decide and act. You should feel responsible and you should take care not to let the enemy influence your mental calculations.

Oct 30, 2019


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  • 2019-11-17 08:20
    Leader is always wise and concise about all subjects.i wish liberals would take advantage of this wisdom and would implement leader suggestions.