Imam Khamenei

Science is a weapon, which if not accompanied by morality, creates a disaster

The efforts of western civilization to separate religion from moral-religious values

There were many efforts in the world to prove that knowledge has a secular nature and that it has nothing to do with values. They formulated many philosophies and held many discussions in order to introduce the concept of knowledge as one which is separate from values[...].The truth of the issue is that knowledge and wisdom are a double-edged sword. They can be at the service of values and they can be at the service of animal needs and savagery. It depends on who manages knowledge and wisdom. Jun 21, 2004

The global bullies are relying on their power. Their power, wealth and facilities are the results of their knowledge. It is not possible to confront them without knowledge. "Knowledge is authoritative power." I read this in a narration. Knowledge is a source of power. Anybody who enjoys this source of power can move forward. Anybody, any nation or any society that does not have it will be forced to give in to the power of others. Therefore, this emphasis on science is based on an accurate calculation.

This knowledge can have two kinds of goals. One kind of goals is what current owners of knowledge used to seek. This kind of goals is dishonourable and unholy. Do not pay attention to their claims. The truth behind the scientific progress of the west is extremely bitter and pitiful, the kind of progress that one would not go after under any circumstances. Oct 6, 2010


Science, which is at the service of pillaging people's wealth throughout the world, is useless

The Industrial Revolution led to the establishment of huge factories and the introduction of huge machines - which took place gradually over several decades and resulted in production of wealth. This science and technology gradually spread to other European countries. I do not want to speak about what happened in those places, what rights were trampled upon, how many poor people were wiped out, the new social class which was formed as a result of introducing these huge machines, the kinds of oppression they imposed on people and other such things. They felt that they had the necessary means. They felt they needed a market to sell their products.

We do not want this kind of knowledge. When this kind of knowledge grows and reaches its greatest extent, it becomes what western countries currently have. It becomes atomic bombs. It becomes oppression. It becomes the destruction of democracy in a country that claims to be the most democratic country in the world - namely, America. It becomes increasing class conflicts and differences. There are millions of homeless people and millions of people who live below the poverty line in a wealthy and advanced country. This kind of knowledge is useless. We are not after this kind of knowledge. Neither the teachings of divine prophets, nor Islamic teachings, nor our human conscience encourages us to move in this direction. It does not create any enthusiasm in us[...].

The Indian subcontinent was one of the most industrially advanced countries in the world. In order to prepare the ground for what they wanted to do, they destroyed India's industry. They wiped out India's middle class. They thwarted the emergence of a movement towards knowledge and industrial progress by creating different kinds of obstacles for India. They infected the Indian nation with a chronic malady. Even after the passage of about 150 years since the start of their actions in India, this malady has not yet been cured in that country.

They did something similar in China. They gave rise to those tragedies and exerted that pressure on the people of China. These things date back to the 19th century. They did similar things in Africa. They created great tragedies in the Americas through the use of science. Many people were enslaved and many families were massacred in Africa and Latin America. This was how they acquired their knowledge. Oct 6, 2010


Science accompanied by purification of the soul and morality will be useful for humanity

The situation is quite different with regard to Islam. There is no opposition either to science or to wisdom and intellect on the part of the Islamic faith. In fact, wisdom is considered in Islam to be one of the sources of reasoning in deriving tenets and precepts of religion.

If you take a look at our religious books, for instance at the book entitled "Kafi", which was written one thousand years ago and which deals with Hadith, you will notice that the first chapter of the book appears under the heading "Wisdom and Ignorance". This chapter talks about wisdom, its worth and significance and the importance of sagacity and rationality. Sep 26, 2004

The kind of knowledge that we want is accompanied by purification. Why is purification the first priority? This is because knowledge strays away from the right path in the absence of purification. Knowledge is a means. It is a tool. If this tool falls into the hands of a spiteful and evil murderer, it will create nothing but tragedies. But the same tool can be used by a righteous person as a means to safeguard families and the rights of human beings. This knowledge should be utilized only when it is accompanied by purification. Oct 6, 2010


A religious mentality; a support for science among Muslims

Some mistakenly assume that being religious contradicts seeking knowledge. It has been observed during recent years that some individuals—who have certain political intentions [we know their intentions; the majority of the people might not recognize their real purposes, but because we know these individuals better, based on their background, we can guess their intentions beforehand;] or some who might also have no political intentions—advocate implying or try to imply that the people's inclination to religion, which has spread in our society today, is at odds with acquiring knowledge and science; and that by making people attracted to science, it is possible to ruin people's faith! They only wish and they are wrong. These two are by no means contradictory. If religion is faith in Islam as we follow today, it is a religion that creates revolutions; it is a religion that educates soldiers for battlefields; it is a religion that invites to acquiring knowledge. Muslims managed to be in the lead in scientific arenas for several centuries, thanks to the fact that Islam favours science.  From Al-Farabi to Khajeh Nasir al-Din al-Tusi—that is, for about three centuries—Muslims were world’s pioneers in knowledge, at a very high level. Today, Khwarizmi’s theories in mathematics or Avicenna’s theories in medicine are not outdated; there are complementary theories proposed based on these personalities’ theories, but theirs are not refuted. They are still valid theories that have been complimented. All this scientific grandeur originated from Islam; that is, the main factor that led Muslims to the peak of science is Islam.

You know that in Europe ... there was opposition to religion. Of course, for a while before that, there was opposition to science because of the same religion. Even in Europe, the first prominent scientists were from among religious people—for instance, well-known Roger Bacon was a priest, a Franciscan friar [I do not know if you are familiar with them.] They were a group of very ascetic priests who followed Saint Francis of Assisi: Sacred famous San Francis—after whom the American city of San Francisco was named. February 4, 1992


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  • 2019-11-17 13:25
    Some Muslims especially the Sunnis have adopted a method of education that doesn't allow for nurturing of critical mind, that is why some believe that religion and science can't go together.