Farewell to Ramadan

Imam Khamenei's recommendation for bidding farewell to Ramadan, preserving its blessings

O’ God preserve for us what we have achieved in this blessed month and bestow mercy upon us for what we missed in this month as a deprivation, a deficiency, a weakness that requires to be pitied and compensated for.

One of the great achievements of the month of Ramadan is repentance and returning to Allah the Exalted. In the holy dua of Abu Hamza Thumali, we read, "Let us gather around Mustafa and achieve the position of returning to you". We ask God to help us achieve the position of repentance so that we can return to Him and return from deviant, bad and indecent actions, thoughts and conducts.


In the farewell dua of the auspicious month of Ramadan, Imam Sajjad (a.s.) says to the God of the world, "You are One Who opened a door for Your servants so that they can return to You and You named this door repentance" [Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya, Dua 45]. He says to God that He opened this door for us so that we rush towards His forgiveness and benefit from the blessing of His forgiveness and mercy.


This door is the door of repentance. It is a window to the pure view of divine forgiveness. If Allah the Exalted had not opened the door of repentance to His servants, we sinful servants of God would have been in terrible conditions. People make mistakes and commit sins under the influence of human instincts and temptations. Each of these sins inflicts a wound on our hearts and souls. What would we have done if the path of repentance had not existed?


In Dua Kumayl, the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) says, "I do not find any refuge and sanctuary for my deeds except when You accept my repentance". If it were not for the issue of repentance and acceptance of our repentance by God the Generous and the Merciful, how could we free ourselves of what we did to ourselves by committing sins, making mistakes, following temptations and carrying the heavy burden of sins? If it were not for repentance, we would not have any refuge and haven. It is Allah the Exalted who has opened the door of this haven - which is repentance - to us. You should appreciate the value of repentance.


A youth runs away from his parents' house because of his ignorance. Then he goes back to his parents' arms and faces their kindness, compassion and caresses. This is repentance. When we return to the house of divine mercy, Allah the Exalted accepts and welcomes us with open arms. We should appreciate the value of this return which naturally happens to religious people.


September 20, 2009

“Peace be upon you O’ the greater month of God”: Farewell to you O’ the greatest months of God; O’ the celebration of God’s friends. Farewell O’ the most glorious and most beloved companion of times and O’ the best of days and moments. Farwell O’ the month in which wishes got closer to us; that is, with our own efforts, increased efforts, we got closer to our true humane wishes. Such continues the supplication in Sahifa Sajjadiya bidding farewell to this blessed month. Imam Sajjad (a.s.) enthusiastically and fervently speaks about the Night of Qadr, supplication, Quran and forgiveness in this month and then supplicates to God: O’ God preserve for us what we have achieved in this blessed month and bestow mercy upon us for what we missed in this month as a deprivation, a deficiency, a weakness that requires to be pitied and compensated for. Imam Sajjad then prays this month will come back to him once again.

May 28, 1987



Dear brothers and sisters, we are in the last days of the month of Ramadan. You should make the most of this one-month asceticism and enduring which naturally happens as a result of fasting, praying and worshipping. Strengthening one's relationship with God is helpful and effective. The points that were raised constitute only a small part of our problems and the problems of our country, our Revolution and our system. There are many problems in various areas which should be eliminated with our determination and effort. Our relationship with God gives us power, hope and mental comfort.


All these worldly discussions are an introduction. They are an introduction for spiritual transcendence. Therefore, you should appreciate the value of the month of Ramadan. The Dua - "If You have not been satisfied with me in the days that have passed from the month of Ramadan, I hope you will be satisfied with me from now on" [Iqbal al-A'mal, Vol.1, page 199] – is an important dua. If we have not managed to gain divine satisfaction and approval until today, we should ask God to help us benefit from divine satisfaction and divine forgiveness from this moment onwards. 

June 21, 2017



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