Aug 30, 2015

Book is the mother of civilizations

It is a fact that books are among the most valuable products made by man and is a reserve for the biggest human wealth which is knowledge and research. Thanks to books, Spirituality and human world, human body and soul, is being fed and nurtured and the process of human perfection will be realized through books. Book is the mother and an extract of civilizations, and man compiles the many lessons that he learned from the book of the first creation and propagates them in the human environment, and thus the reserve of human wealth gets more enriched on a daily basis. Ayatollah Khamenei, 9/12/1995

Books in the viewpoint of Ayatollah Khamenei


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    so excellent
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    MashAllah Truth!
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    !تاکید ایشان به امر مطالعه و کتاب خوانی همچنان مسکوت مانده
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    I want these books
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    So nice