Why Iran cannot be isolated? Imam Khamenei elaborates

Nations—which are the determining and decisive entities—abhor and detest the presence and politics of the United States. This type of isolation is detrimental. The Islamic Republic of Iran does not suffer from that type of isolation in the world of Islam. If you travel anywhere in the World of Islam, you will see that people’s hearts beat for the Islamic Republic; this is a reality.

To the arrogant powers, diplomacy is the arena of deceitful acts

The arena of diplomacy includes deceitful acts. You can see deceitful acts are applied in the arena of diplomacy. Of course, thankfully our enemies do not know what to do. They take different actions ending up making different mistakes. They fall into different pitfalls and they fail to learn from their mistakes. They constantly repeat their mistakes: for example, in the statements that they make in their propaganda. The arena of diplomacy is such an arena. There is a need for vigilance. There is a need for innovative actions. These things result from the revolutionary spirit which we call the basiji spirit and the spirit of youth, innovation, pioneering action, and self-confidence.

October 14, 2011


The U.S. was defeated by Iran on the arena of diplomacy, too

Since day one, the Americans hatched certain plots against the Islamic Republic. It goes without saying that these plots were ineffective. If these plots had not been ineffective, no trace of the Islamic Republic would have remained by now.

As you can see, the Islamic Republic is tens of times stronger than the first day. So, these plots were ineffective. Today too, they plan new schemes and hatch new plots, but they do not learn their lesson. I wonder why they do not think of the past and say to themselves, "Well, we hatched so many plots, we spent so much money against the Islamic Republic, we met with so many agents, we built many mercenaries inside Iran and we deployed many forces against the Islamic Republic outside Iran, but there was no result".


They continue to allocate a budget of 45 million dollars in order to defeat the Islamic Republic. They allocate a certain budget for destroying and overthrowing the Iranian Revolution through the Internet. Notice how desperate this enemy is. Well, how many tens of 45 million dollars have you spent until now? You have adopted many diplomatic measures to defeat the Islamic Republic. You have imposed economic sanctions, you have hatched different kinds of plots and you dispatched and built many spies. What result did you achieve that you want to use the same methods in order to separate the people of Iran from the Revolution? The enemy does not understand this.

This is the divine tradition. This is drawing a veil over the eyes and the ears of the enemy who is ignorant about Allah the Exalted. This is why he does not understand the truths. This means baffling the enemy: "In the end, they will have only regrets and sighs" [The Holy Quran, 8: 36]. They spend money and then they regret it because it is useless.

I do not know how hard they worked to create uproar in Tehran with a certain excuse. God knows how long they were trying to hatch this plot. Well, what happened? Did anything happen except that the people became more vigilant than what they were? If someone used to think that it is not necessary anymore to enter the arena and defend the Islamic Republic, after these events, everyone felt that they should always be ready to defend the Islamic Republic.

January 26, 2010

The Islamic Republic has never been and will never be isolated

We would not like to be isolated in the World of Islam; we are not isolated and we won’t be isolated either. Isolation, as defined in the arena of diplomacy and as commonly used in the world, is not as detrimental as being isolated by nations. Today, on the apparent level, the United States is not isolated; their political and even military presence is tangible everywhere in the region. But the truth is they are isolated. Why? Because the nations—which are the determining and decisive entities—abhor and detest the presence and politics of the United States. This type of isolation is detrimental. The Islamic Republic of Iran does not suffer from that type of isolation in the world of Islam.

If you travel anywhere in the World of Islam, you will see that people’s hearts beat for the Islamic Republic; this is a reality. Our honorable President’s recent visit to Bosnia is just one example. How much do we have relations with Bosnia at the people’s level? How many Bosnians have ever visited Iran? After the Dayton Accords and the end of the Balkan wars, there were ample propaganda and activities against Iran there; they expelled officials of the Islamic Republic, insulted them and accused them, saying anything they could against them. Yet, the Bosnian people warmly welcomed our president. Mr. President told us how in the heavy snow in Sarajevo—which might have covered up to one’s knees—masses of people were on the street to meet the President of the Islamic Republic. He said that they visited the Gazi-Husrev-beg Library—which I had also visited during my presidency—and his visit took about 45 minutes. Yet, when they came out, people were still there. People had gathered in large numbers inside a mosque there and recited poems in chorus in Farsi to welcome the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran! This welcoming is not for simply one personality. I had come back from a visit to Algeria and I was describing what I had witnessed in that country to Imam Khomeini and told him that, this was not to welcome me as a person; it was in fact to honor you [Imam Khomeini]. Today too, it is not about me or Mr. Khatami or any of other officials who visit other countries and are warmly welcomed; the people there do not know our personalities. They might know our names, but what they do know is the Revolution and Imam Khomeini: the personality who shined like a sun in the sky of the World of Islam and everyone—no matter if the enemies didn’t want it to happen—could feel him. Today too, they observe a representation of that noble personality. Where you go, the same is true.

One of our officials—I cannot recall if it was Mr. President or another person—was visiting an Arab country and he was highly welcomed there. I told him that the same would happen if he visited any Arab country. If he visited Egypt, more people would come to meet him. If he visited Sudan, the same would happen; and if he visited any other country, it would be the same—of course as long as the governments would not prevent it.

Today the Islamic Republic is talked about all across the World of Islam. This is because the Islamic Republic has stood true to its main word and message: that is, Islam. When the 20-year Outlook for Progress is published and U.S. officials find out that the 20-year outlook represents the emerging of a first-rate developed country in the region in terms of technology and knowledge, while enjoying an influential, revolutionary and Islamic orientation, nature and spirit that inspires the World of Islam, they try to combat it. Of course, they can never combat Islam.

March 17, 2005

Iran’s diplomacy emphasized independence and social dignity

Regarding issues of foreign affairs, I confirm the method adopted by the government today—that is, building more ties with other countries and normalizing relations with any country that we can establish relations with. This is an appropriate method. Regarding foreign affairs, you should try to make everyone in the world know that the Iranian nation and government pursue the goal and motive of moving on the path towards their prosperity, relying on their own potency and their own willpower. This is what we, as a nation, seek. It is our nation’s right to tread the paths of prosperity and perfection relying on their own mindset, their own ideology, their own philosophy, and their own religion and values. Of course, those who try to impose their own culture and methods on others won’t like it. But the well-intentioned and just people of the world do like it. In our diplomatic relations, independence and social dignity should be emphasized; and praise be to God, they are emphasized and this is the appropriate method. We intend to cooperate and build mutual understanding between us and other nations and governments of the world. Of course with would not seek that with the bullies and those who want to resolve all issues by exerting their own power, such as the United States. With such governments, we cannot get along.

August 24, 1998

The more Iran resists, the more popular it becomes in the eyes of region’s nations

The issue of revolutionary diplomacy is extremely important, but again there is not enough time to discuss this issue in detail. I believe good things are being done in the area of diplomacy. Our diplomacy should be imbued with a revolutionary spirit, with revolutionary Islam. And this is what gives us a cutting edge. Today the Islamic Republic is popular among the regional peoples because of its independent and courageous Islamic positions. It is necessary to preserve this situation. Government officials of the Islamic Republic who show more courage and independence are more popular among the people in different parts of the world. Well, this shows that we are on the right path. This should be the orientation of our diplomacy. Fortunately, our government officials make a lot of efforts in this area.

August 23, 2012


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