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The way to economic boost is not relying on West, but relying on domestic capabilities

All the scientific, social and technological advances have been made while the Iranian nation was under sanctions. This is a very important point. They closed the gates of science and technology to us. They closed off the roads. They refused to sell us the products we needed, yet we made progress. These things happened while we were under sanctions. This is why hopes are growing[...]

Today Westerners are suffering from weakness in economic matters. They are suffering from weakness in political matters. They are suffering from weakness in international decisions, including the decision to impose sanctions on us. In fact, they wanted to punish the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation for being committed to Islam. They made threats: they repeatedly spoke about crippling and painful sanctions. These sanctions will benefit us for two reasons. First of all, when they impose sanctions on us, we turn to our domestic capacities and make progress, which has been the case over the past 30 years. Regarding the sanctions on weapons, if they had not imposed these sanctions, we would not have achieved these amazing advances. Regarding nuclear technology, if they had built the Bushehr nuclear power plant with their own hands, we would not have made progress in uranium enrichment. If they had not shut the doors of science to us, we would not have achieved this position in stem cell research, aerospace and launching satellites into space. Therefore, the more sanctions they impose on us, the more we become aware of our domestic capacities and the more we turn to these capacities. And these domestic capacities blossom on a daily basis. Therefore, these sanctions are to our advantage.

The second reason why these sanctions will benefit us is that they are constantly saying in their propaganda that they want to impose a certain set of sanctions on Iran in order to force us to back down in the case of the nuclear issue, for example. So the entire world knows that these sanctions are imposed on Iran in order to force it to back down in the case of the nuclear issue or other issues. What will happen if we do not back down? The purpose of these sanctions is to force Iran to back down, but Iran will not back down. The result is that the credibility of the west and its threats will be undermined in the eyes of the regional nations and the dignity and power of the Iranian nation will increase in their eyes. And this is to our advantage. Therefore, the purpose of these sanctions is to harm our nation, but these sanctions are in fact a kind of service to us because of the two reasons I mentioned.

This is the situation in Europe. Europe is suffering from insoluble economic problems. The people are angry in Europe. They protest against the economic issues. I have pointed out before that the day European nations realize that the weakness they are suffering from is due to the interference of America and the global network of Zionism, these economically-motivated protests will turn into a great social movement. Then it will be time to wait for a new world. And a new world will be formed.

Feb 3, 2012


In real arenas, only two material factors have been available to the camp of arrogance: one is military threats and another is sanctioning. The Arrogance has nothing except for these two things. The hands of arrogance are tied in terms of the power of reason and logic and the capability to prove its legitimacy. It can only carry out two tasks: one is to issue military threats - this is a task that it constantly carries out - and another is to impose sanctions.

And there are two cures for these. Sanctions can be counteracted with diligence in the area of the economy of resistance. The points that the honorable President raised today had been raised by him before and they are completely true. Economic plans should be prepared, pursued and implemented with the assumption that sanctions will remain there.

Imagine that sanctions will not be lifted at all. Well, this is what they themselves are saying as well. They too say that sanctions will not be touched. Even from this moment, they have begun saying, "Even if we reach a deal on the nuclear issue, it does not mean that all sanctions will be lifted. There are still other issues to be resolved".

This is what we have always said. I have repeatedly said in this meeting and different other meetings that the nuclear issue is an excuse. Even if the nuclear issue did not exist, they would make other excuses. For example, there is the issue of human rights and the issue of women. They fabricate many different issues. Fabricating and making excuses is not a demanding job. Moreover, the propaganda apparatus and empire is in their hands. Therefore, the cure for the issue of sanctions is the economy of resistance. 

Jul 7, 2014

Another outlook towards the economy of the country relies on foreigners for economic progress. It says that we should change our foreign policy so that the economy will progress. It says that we should get along with arrogant governments and give in to the imposition of arrogant powers in different areas and on different matters so that the economy will develop. This is the second outlook. Today, the conditions of the country have shown us that the second outlook is completely wrong, infertile and useless.

The sanctions that are imposed on the people of Iran in the present time are a firm and clear proof that the second outlook is wrong. When you pin your hopes on foreign powers so that they come and develop your economy and when you develop it by giving in to them, they will not be satisfied easily. When you rely on the outside, you will be faced with the issue of reduction in the price of oil. All of a sudden, arrogant powers and their regional cohorts come to the conclusion that they should halve the price of oil or reduce it even more. You will be faced with such a problem. When we pin our hopes on the outside, this is what will happen. But when you look at the inside, this will not be the case. Today, foreigners and the heads of arrogant powers want to strengthen the second outlook in our people[...]

Sanctions are the only tool left for the enemy. They should know this. The only tool that the enemy uses to confront the people of Iran is imposing sanctions. If we act properly and wisely, sanctions can be counteracted. As I said, establishing production and industrial companies - fortunately, today, governmental organizations are establishing these companies - is a task that can counteract sanctions. An example is the Phase 12 of South Pars - which I referred to earlier - military achievements, science and technology parks and other such tasks. This can minimize and then completely counter the effect of sanctions.

Sanctions have been the most difficult problem but they have also brought about certain blessings for us. Sanctions showed us that we should rely on ourselves. They proved to us that we can benefit from our domestic forces.

Mar 21, 2015

They ‎threaten us with economic sanctions. They have imposed various types of sanctions, but ‎the Iranian nation has not suffered any losses. We used sanctions to make further ‎progress. Once we were in need of weapons, but they refused to sell even the most ‎primitive weapons to us. We took advantage of these sanctions, and the same people who ‎imposed sanctions on us are now seriously worried that the Iranian nation is turning into a ‎regional power. All this progress was caused by their sanctions. Those sanctions did not ‎harm us. We managed to turn these sanctions into opportunities. The situation is the same ‎today. We are not afraid of the sanctions imposed by the West. By Allah's favor, the ‎Iranian nation will make very serious efforts in the face of all sanctions and economic ‎blockades and will increase its progress by several times.

Apr 30, 2008


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