Imam Khamenei

The U.S. is actually a plaything in the hands of the Zionists

They tell us that we are isolated in the global community. We will tell them that you are isolated, not us. Today, the world hates America's methods. Today, the world of Islam - from Indonesia to Morocco - hates America. Wherever you go and ask people, you see that deep inside their hearts, there is hatred of the leaders of the White House. If they want to know who is isolated, I suggest that they hold a referendum in order to measure the popularity of our President and the President of America. If the leaders of the American regime are not afraid of the humiliating results of such a referendum or poll, they can enter this arena and they can hold it. Today, nations hate America. Many governments hate them too, but their interests require that they do not express this hatred. Sometimes, their hatred is not less than ours.

They accuse the Islamic Republic of violating human rights. This is one of the most entertaining jokes in the present time. America has turned into a country which carries the flag of human rights. Which America? It is the same America that caused disasters in Hiroshima, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, the same America that wages wars and creates insecurity in many parts of the world and the same America that imposes censorship inside the country of America.

The issue of censoring ideas, books and speech in America is a very important and interesting issue. There is not enough time to discuss it now. They say that we are the violators of human rights, but they themselves are the biggest violators of human rights. If today a referendum is held in the world - we do not say in the world of Islam - you must have no doubts that the current President of America will rank alongside Sharon, Saddam and Milosevic as the embodiments of evil.

Today, America is a threat to global peace and security. Therefore, today, "Death to America" is not just a slogan that is particular to the Iranian nation. Today, they burn the president of America in effigy and they shout the slogan of "Death to America". The reason is the greed of the American regime, its arrogance and its desire for domination. The reason is that it is a plaything for the Zionists. It is really a plaything for the Zionists.

Mar 21, 2006


If certain countries and peoples manage to liberate the human and global community from the malevolence of colonialism and arrogance, the problem will be solved. This is the main part of humanity's problem.

Today, arrogant regimes - headed by America - have possessed humanity's body and mind like an evil spirit. They are haunting it and making life difficult for it. If humanity manages to liberate itself from this evil spirit and this nightmare, then it will breathe easily. Of course, it is not easy to do this. It is a difficult task and it requires an extensive and long-term fight. The people of Iran have taken lofty steps. The very task of forming the Islamic Republic was the loftiest step. The formation of the Majlis, which is the manifestation of Islamic democracy, is the greatest feat. The very essence of your position and your presence as the people's representatives and as the manifestation of religious democracy is a kind of fighting. This should be appreciated and developed.

May 25, 2014


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