Leader's Speech in Meeting with Members of Majlis

The following is the full text of the speech delivered on May 25, 2014 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with the members of the Majlis. The meeting was held on the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Musa ibn Ja'far (a.s.), Mab'ath and the liberation of Khoramshahr on May 24, 1983.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah and peace and greetings be upon His messenger and upon his immaculate and pure household.

I would like to welcome you dear brothers and sisters. As was pointed out, this annual meeting is an opportunity for me. In this annual meeting, I meet the honorable members of the Majlis up close and I listen to reports about their activities. These reports are mostly good and satisfying. Besides that, I say a few words in this meeting. This is an opportunity for me and I thank God for having this opportunity this year as well.

Today is the martyrdom anniversary of Musa ibn Ja'far (God's greetings be upon him). I would like to express my condolences. These days are be'that days as well. I express my congratulations. These days also remind us of the great epic of the 3rd of Khordad- the liberation of Khoramshahr and the jihadi activities of our pure and self-sacrificing youth. I express my congratulations on these days as well.

What is important is that wherever we are - whether you, this humble person or other officials - we should pay attention that what is available to us is held in trust and giving back this trust is a religious obligation. Allah the Exalted will question us both about what we did and what did not do. We should pay attention to this.

One's term of responsibility is fleeting. Well, you passed two years out of your four-year term in the ninth Majlis. All the events in the world occur very fast. The same is true of one's life. There is a Quranic allegory which is deeply moving: the plant which grows in early spring or the leaf which grows on a dry branch is beautiful. One enjoys looking at a green leaf and a spring plant because it is fresh and it is growing. It will not take long before summer arrives and this plant reveals its innate talent - whether a plant which yields fruits or a plant which yields crops.

And it will not take long before autumn arrives. When autumn arrives, the same beautiful and fresh plant turns into a dry leaf: "The earth's vegetation absorbs it, but soon it becomes dry stubble, which the winds do scatter" [The Holy Quran, 18: 45]. The same beautiful, attractive and pleasant plant turns into dry stubble which the winds scatter here and there.

The same is true of us. This is an exhibition of our lives. It starts from one point which is our childhood and our youth. During this time, we are energetic, enthusiastic and patient and we have great desires. Then we reach middle age. Our hidden talents begin to reveal themselves within the scope of our efforts and diligence. Then we descend into old age. As the poet said, "I became old in this old world. The talk of Dey and Bahman made me old" [Nasir Khusraw's Divan, Qasida 184].

We become old and weak: "But soon it becomes dry stubble, which the winds do scatter". We become like the plant. This is our life. This is the nature of life and we should understand it. As long as one is young, one does not understand it. In our age, one feels and understands this more. The length of life is before our eyes. In the first stage, we are young, enthusiastic and energetic. In the next stage, we become experienced and then we become old. One can see this before one's eyes.

We should work with this outlook. When we stand before the divine court, every word that comes out of our mouth is recorded and noted: "Not a word does he utter but there is a sentinel by him, ready to note it" [The Holy Quran, 50: 18]. Every move that we make and every thought that we have is recorded. We should work by paying attention to this.

You members of the Majlis, the honorable Presiding Board- I would like to congratulate them on winning the trust of the members of the Majlis once more - which is in charge of management, this humble person in my own position and government officials should work by adopting this outlook. This is a trust. We should render it back: "Allah commands you to render back your trusts to those to whom they are due" [The Holy Quran, 4: 58]. Rendering back one's trust means that we should understand what is our responsibility, that we should try to carry it out within the scope of our capabilities - we have not been asked to do more - and that we should make efforts as much as we can.

Dear brothers and sisters, one of the points that I want to discuss is that the Islamic Republic was formed on the basis of fighting. It was not possible to form this system without fighting. The same is true of all great desires in the world. Preserving this system was also based on fighting. If it had not been for the people's fighting, if it had not been for Imam's (r.a.) fighting and if it had not been for the officials' fighting in different arenas, this system would not have survived and it would have been destroyed.

As you can see, in an area in the world - which is not far from us - an event and an opportunity occurs. However, those who have this opportunity at their disposal cannot hold on to it and they miss it. Notice what is happening in North Africa and in other parts of the world. The same fate could have happened to the Islamic Republic. It was possible for a movement and an Islamic system to be formed with attractive slogans, only to be destroyed after a short while when things completely changed. What prevented this from happening was fighting, one that was genuine, serious and wise. We should not forget this.

Our enemies do not want to admit that the people of Iran acted in a wise way on their path to progress. But the truth of the issue is that if their movement had not been wise, it would not have happened, survived, moved forward and achieved results. Thus it was wise. The movement of the people of Iran was genuine and sincere. "When Allah had observed our sincerity, He sent ignominy to our foe and sent His succor to us" [Nahjul Balaghah, Sermon 55]. This was said by the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.). The sincerity of the people of Iran was shown in different arenas.

Well, now we can sit somewhere and find faults and shortcomings here and there and we can make certain complaints. Obviously, we can do this. But we should not expand it. We cannot expand it. What is expandable is this: sincerity, movement and fighting. So, the Islamic Republic was formed on the basis of fighting and it survived with fighting. I tell you that what you and I should do is to continue fighting.

Without fighting, you cannot achieve goals and the reason is clear. The reason is not that the Islamic Republic is a warmongering system. This is not the case at all. When you want to pass - by ship - through an area where there are some pirates, you should equip yourselves. This is the nature of the issue. You should be able to defend yourselves. You should have the motivation to defend yourselves. If you do not have this motivation, it is clear what your fate will be. You will be robbed, you will be in a terrible situation and your ship will be taken away from you. And your life will either be taken or you will be enslaved and humiliated. This is the way of the world.

The difference between today's pirates - who are the thieves of the sea, the land, the air and everywhere - and well-known pirates in history, stories and legends is that the former is equipped with knowledge. Today's plundering pirates - they plunder money, resources, honor, dignity and morality - are equipped with knowledge. It is knowledge that has given them prestige. Knowledge has veiled their savage appearance and it has increased their wealth. This is the only difference.

They acted in a wise way by acquiring knowledge, but they failed to achieve morality. That is why they commit crimes easily. They easily betray human ideals, they easily wage wars, they easily use chemical weapons, they easily sell chemical weapons to buyers and they have no scruples whatsoever. When they hear the voice of reason, they try to cover these crimes with different excuses and they do not let anyone become aware of them. Their crimes are even more serious than those of the pirates in legends and movies.

This is because they commit great sins and they consider them to be righteous deeds. We are faced with such a world. We are faced with such a camp. We have no option other than defending ourselves. Fighting is this. Those who try to theorize compromise, surrender and compliance with bullies and those who accuse the Islamic Republic of warmongering and theorizing war are committing an act of treason. They are lying. This is not the case. The Islamic Republic is a humane system. It is the system of dignity. It is the system of respect for humanity's dignity. It is the system of wellbeing: "And such peace is best" [The Holy Quran, 4: 128].

In all arenas - including the arena of managing the country, the arena of different economic, scientific, cultural and other such activities, the arena of formulating policies, the arena of passing laws, the arena of international negotiations and the like - we should know that we are fighting and that we are moving on a path which led to the creation and survival of the Islamic Republic. We should know this. This should dominate all of our activities like a predominant thought. Whatever we do should include this spirit.

The satanic forces of the world are after destroying any place, any human base and any human civilization that does not render services to them. They are after this. As you can see, everyone should be at their service. Everyone should listen to and give in to their bullying statements and violent roar. Otherwise, they confront and fight with you. We should strengthen ourselves and stand firm in the face of these forces. This is the basis of our work. You in the legislative branch, government organizations in charge of executive work and different officials in their different sectors and responsibilities should pay attention to this. This is what we want to say. The main task that the Majlis should do is to continue the fight which led to the victory and survival of the Revolution.

Now, how long will this fighting take? In one sense, this fighting and this jihad is endless because shaitan is always there in the world. And in one sense, the form of jihad changes in different situations. If certain countries and peoples manage to liberate the human and global community from the malevolence of colonialism and arrogance, the problem will be solved. This is the main part of humanity's problem.

Today, arrogant regimes - headed by America - have possessed humanity's body and mind like an evil spirit. They are haunting it and making life difficult for it. If humanity manages to liberate itself from this evil spirit and this nightmare, then it will breathe easily. Of course, it is not easy to do this. It is a difficult task and it requires an extensive and long-term fight. The people of Iran have taken lofty steps. The very task of forming the Islamic Republic was the loftiest step. The formation of the Majlis, which is the manifestation of Islamic democracy, is the greatest feat. The very essence of your position and your presence as the people's representatives and as the manifestation of religious democracy is a kind of fighting. This should be appreciated and developed.

In the beginning of the year, we brought up the issue of jihadi management. Jihadi management is not particular to the administration. It includes the Majlis as well. This jihadi management is within the scope of the responsibilities of the Majlis - that is to say, legislation and supervision which are the main responsibilities of the Majlis. If these responsibilities are carried out in a serious way and by ignoring personal motives and everything except for rendering services to the interests of the country, then this is the greatest jihadi task. Jihadi task means this.

We should not involve other motives and we should look at the priorities. I would like to stress the economy of resistance. I said in the beginning of the year and I would like to advise you now too that you should focus on economy, culture and knowledge in the Sixth Plan which is ahead of you. The economy of resistance is a lofty step that can be taken in these areas. Governmental organizations and the organizations in charge of management of the country - whether in the Majlis, in the administration or in different sectors - have certain responsibilities in this regard.

The cure for the problems of the country is the economy of resistance. The cure for the problems of the country - whether economic or political problems - cannot be sought outside the borders of the country. Officials should work. Anyone who has an innovative plan should implement it. We agree with these plans. We have said many times that we defend all those people who make innovative moves in different domestic and international areas. And our defense is a genuine and real defense, not a formal one. However we believe that the cure for the problems of the country exists inside the country and inside you and me.

It is we who can take action. We should know what we want to do, we should identify the right path and we should carry out the task with courage and boldness. If we do this, the problems of the country will undoubtedly be solved. A great and lofty step that we can take is the economy of resistance. Of course, since the day the policies on the economy of resistance were announced and discussed, different officials - including executive officials, the honorable members of the Majlis and different other officials - supported and praised these policies and they repeatedly brought them up.

However, experience tells me that it is not enough to praise and compliment. What is necessary is action. A number of individuals speak about the advantages of the economy of resistance in public podiums or in private meetings. The things which they say are mostly true, but we should take action. What has been done by the honorable members of the Majlis - I had the report of their activities and today too, the honorable Speaker of the Majlis read it out - is praiseworthy. Executive officials too did certain activities, but these activities should be followed up, both in legislative and in supervisory areas.

In the legislative area, passing appropriate laws - which can help the different areas of the economy of resistance - and repealing opposing laws is one of the important tasks. The latter is not less significant than the former because certain laws are really problematic. In the area of supervision too, the Majlis is in charge of supervising the performance of the administration which is the executor of this movement and which is in the middle of the arena.

Of course, on the issue of legislation, the honorable administration should present appropriate bills. The Majlis cannot only rely on its proposals. The administration should present bills as well. I would like to add and emphasize that no organization other than the Majlis can play a part in passing laws, in issues related to the economy of resistance and other such issues. It is the Majlis that should identify the right law and pass it and it is the Majlis that can repeal or revoke a law.

Another supervisory task which is important for the Majlis is the issue of combating corruption in the real sense of the word. Combating corruption is really important. We should not allow corrupt centers to be formed because it is difficult to find the cure then. If supervision is exercised in the right way, it is sometimes possible to prevent a wrong and sinful movement in its initial steps. If we do not prevent it in its initial steps, if the disease develops, and if the wound becomes deep, then it will be difficult to cure it. Even if the cure is found - of course, I am afraid that it may not be possible to find the cure because of the consequences - it will be cured by enduring difficulties and hardships. So, it should be prevented from the beginning. Fortunately, we have this experience in political and economic areas.

As for the Sixth Plan, we should be ready to prepare and formulate it. The Sixth Plan means that the policies of the country for the next five years will be formulated. By Allah's favor, through this plan, you will prepare a practical roadmap for five years. Three main elements should exist in this plan - of course, it should be a comprehensive plan. The first element is economy and the focus should be on the economy of resistance. The second element is culture. Whenever we speak about culture, we mean revolutionary and Islamic culture. It means creating a cultural movement on the basis of Islam and Islamic values. It means moving society towards a cultural movement with Islamic goals. It means strengthening the Islamic culture, beliefs, behavior, morality and traditions. This is culture.

It is not the case that no matter how cultural tools are built in the country, we become happy and say that culture has made progress. What we mean by cultural progress and reliance on culture is strengthening revolutionary, Islamic and religious culture and values. This is what we are expected to do as the soldiers of this Revolution. We should prepare ourselves and work for the Revolution.

And the third element is knowledge. The scientific movement in the country has gotten off to a good start. In recent years - in the past 10, 12 years - a good movement has thankfully begun in the country. This movement should not slow down at all. Rather, it should be accelerated. Many national glories, an important part of national dignity and a noteworthy part of national wealth were achieved thanks to knowledge. The issue of knowledge, research and progress in different scientific areas and the issue of discovering the unknown territories of knowledge is a very important issue for the country. By Allah's favor, this issue too should be considered in the Sixth Plan.

Another issue is the issue of population. The policies on population have been announced and fortunately, officials responded positively to these policies. I have heard that there is a proposal in the Majlis about increasing fertility and preventing the population of the country from decreasing. This is very important. It is alright if we pay attention to maternal, children and infant health - which is very important - and at the same time take care not to make the mistake that we made in the past.

The issue of population decrease is a very important issue. For the enemies whom I referred to in the beginning of my speech, the best thing is an Iran whose population is 20, 30 million, half of which is comprised of old, middle aged and frail individuals. This is the best thing for them. If they can plan for this, they will certainly do it. If they can spend money on this, they will certainly do it. Our move against this move of theirs should be a proper, reasonable, wise and well-informed move. Fortunately, I heard that the friends in the Majlis are following up this issue and I hope that God helps you.

There are infinite points to discuss with religious, pure and friendly brothers and sisters like you. I have many things to say. You have many things to say as well, but unfortunately, there is no time. I hope that Allah the Exalted bestows success on and helps you so that you continue carrying out your responsibilities in a way that you can gain divine satisfaction and be satisfied with yourselves at the end of your term and at the end of your lives.

Greetings be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings