Ayatollah Khamenei

U.S. turned Persian Gulf region into a warehouse of weapons!


In the present time, they have dispatched their agents into the region, again, so that they roam around the Persian Gulf and repeat their lies and nonsensical ideas against the Islamic Republic. Who believes that you [the West] care about the interests of peoples in this region? Who believes you, you [the West: parts of Europe and the USA] who have trampled upon the peoples of this region—because of your illegitimate interests—as much as you could and as much as you have been allowed to do so?

You [USA] have turned the Persian Gulf region into a massive weapons’ warehouse. This was due to “intervention” of Americans: they sucked up the money that belongs to countries surrounding the Persian Gulf, and they [the USA] stored their weapons here in return for the money they stole. The Westerners [leaders and their supporters of USA and parts of Europe] are warmongers, you attacked Iraq, you destroyed Afghanistan, and you set out to murder the people of Pakistan; you will repeat these crimes wherever you can.

Despite these horrific crimes, you speak against the Islamic Republic of Iran? All regional peoples and many regional governments know that the Islamic Republic is an advocate of peace, brotherhood, and dignity of regional and Islamic countries. They [USA and support] are roaming around like vagabonds and their movement is on the decline.

Imam Khamenei, Feb 17, 2010


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