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Iran's defensive power must increase daily and it does: Imam Khamenei

Regarding the subject of Iran's defensive policies, all the methods and instruments, which are needed presently and in the future, should be pursued and updated. We should not hesitate, for one single moment, when considering whether or not the country should move towards acquiring whatever it needs to defend itself, no matter if the entire world is opposed to it! Those who are constantly threatening humanity with deadly atomic and nuclear weapons are now sitting around, criticizing the Islamic Republic for its missile achievements. Well, what is it to you? They [missles] are our defensive means, and they give the country the capability to defend itself. This nation should be able to defend itself. They say that we should not have defensive means so that they can threaten us as much as possible.

Of course, we, ourselves, consider certain things as haraam, and we do not pursue them – such as nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. We will not pursue such destructive weapons, but we will not hesitate on what is needed for us.

Feb 18, 2018


It is very obvious to international observers that the Iran of today is radically different from the Iran that existed 40 years ago. We used to be a substandard and backward country, a nation which was confined to obeying the orders of this or that one, but, today, we are an influential country, which is advancing on the road of power – scientific and political power. We are moving forward; this is completely tangible: therefore, the enemy is upset and angry because of our advancements.

Of course, the main enemy – he who puffs out his chest on the scene, against Iran and Iranians – is the regime of the United States. The issue is not about the American people. They were the owners of this country for many years. They used to control everything in our country, but the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic have taken these things away from them. That is why they have been angry and upset since the first day. They imposed sanctions, hatched plots and magnified events. This is not something that has begun today. Such tasks began since the first day. In those days, neither the issue of nuclear energy, the issue of missiles nor the issue of our influence in West Asia – which they refer to as "The Middle East" – had been brought up. These things did not exist, but they began to fight because of losing their domination. This is obvious. Well, we have managed to put an end to the US domination. We have completely cut off its domination – political, security and economic domination - over our country. We have cut the hands of America...

You know that these military achievements, missiles, and the other matters, which they are upset about, have all been achieved during the time of sanctions. We were under their sanctions, sanctioned in every possible area! And what has happened in this period of time has taken them aback and has made them unhappy.

A few years ago, a report was delivered to me about an Israeli general. He had stated in an article – at that time we had just tested a missile, and the article was about one of the missiles tested a few years ago – that he was surprised to see Iran carry out such an achievement. Well, he was an expert: he understood these things. They see these things, via satellite and the like, and they can make correct evaluations. In an article, he mentioned, "I am an enemy of Iran, but I admire it because they accomplished this task despite the heavy sanctions that have been imposed on it." This was the gist of what he had stated. So, the enemy sees these things...

The enemy opposed the power of the Islamic Republic. The enemy is opposed to every element of power in the Islamic Republic. Despite the enemy's efforts, we should try to increase the elements of power within the Islamic Republic. One of these elements is science: this is an arena of combat, and it is a source of power for the country. Another element is defensive power or the issue of missiles that they make such a fuss of is defensive power, and it should increase on a daily basis. Of course, despite the foolish desires of the enemy, it will increase every day...

When we stress the importance of defensive power, this is because of our experience. There was once a time when our country – in Tehran, where you can come and go comfortably, with complete security, in the present time – was under the attack of Saddam's missiles. Perhaps, many of you were not born, in those days, yet. We did not have any means to defend ourselves. That was while everyone was helping Saddam. The USA used to help Saddam by giving him missiles, defensive weapons, and even war plans. It [USA] used to help him with his satellites.

Others were helping him as well. France was helping, too. The French government used to give him missiles and planes. The same is true of Germany: Germany was giving him chemical weapons. You know, Saddam's army used to conduct chemical attacks on many occasions. We have so many casualties as a result of those chemical weapons. Many of them have passed away! It was the Germans who gave him the chemical substances: the Germans used to provide them with chemical substances, so they could make chemical bombs with them. They might even have provided them with chemical bombs in certain cases. Everyone used to help him, but we were empty-handed. We did not have any means...

Thus, we began to consider making our own defensive tools. We actually began to do so from point zero. If I tell you – unfortunately, there is no time to expand on this matter – about the first weapon we managed to launch, whose range was about 20 km, you might laugh. They built something like a carrier, from which we were supposed to launch RPGs somehow! And those RPGs were supposed to cover a distance of 15, 20 kilometers. This was how things began. Later on, we managed to increase our capabilities. When our capabilities increased, and when the enemy witnessed that we could retaliate, he stopped. This was our experience. If we do not increase our defensive power, our enemies will become bold and audacious. They will be encouraged to attack us. Our defensive power should be developed in a way that the enemy will not be encouraged to do mischievous things...

First of all, the Europeans should stand up against the US's measures. If he[Donald Trump] violates JCPOA — for example, through sanctions and the things which they expect to come out of their Congress – the Europeans, France, and Germany, should stand up against him. Of course, there are not very high expectations of England [Supreme Leader and audience laugh]. They should stand up against him. If they only say that they are opposed, this is not enough. 
Secondly, they should avoid entering into our fundamental matters such as defensive power and the like. Europeans should not be unanimous with the Americans [in the USA]. If European governments say the same thing that the US government is saying. If they ask why Iran is present in the region – well, what is it to you? Why should it not be present? Or when they echo the USA’s criticism on us having missiles with a range of two, three thousand kilometers, this does not make sense. What is it to you? Why do you have missiles? Why do you have nuclear missiles? Why do you have atomic weapons? If they want to interfere in the defensive power of the Islamic Republic and speak against it, this cannot be done. We will not accept this from the Europeans in any way! They should not sing along with the US when it sings songs of foolishness.

Oct 18, 2017


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  • 2018-03-01 02:12
    It's a no brainer. Iran has ever right to become as powerful as it wants to. USA has no limits why should Iran?