Today the most pious and revolutionary women of our nation are the educated ones: Ayatollah Khamenei

The existence of this group of outstanding women in different areas signifies the success of the Islamic outlook on women. Not all outstanding women have gathered here. You are representatives of outstanding women throughout our country. We did not have so many outstanding women during the time of taghut. This is my claim and I stick to it. Today, the absolute and relative number of female researchers, professors, scientists, intellectuals - who work in different areas and who are experts in those areas - poets and artists such as fiction writers, poets and painters is far larger than the number of such women during the time of taghut. The time of Taghut was a period of time when they had destroyed hijab and the belief in the necessity of a distance between men and women and they used to promote decadence on a daily basis. Even in certain cases, their actions were more excessive and worse than European countries. 

Today, in the Islamic Republic, we have such a large number of scientific and political personalities and cultural and artistic experts who wear hijab, chador and headscarves. At that time, we did not even have a small number of such women. There were very few women who were like this. This proves a theory which is exactly the opposite of the one which they were trying to establish. This theory is that not only promoting such decadence does not help women strengthen their spirituality and develop their capacities, but it also makes them busy with such things as cosmetics and the trouble that they bring about. This prevents women from moving towards perfection and transcendence. Jul 4, 2007

Today our educated women are the most pious and revolutionary people in our country. Today our women, our educated women, our young women are active in the most advanced laboratories and scientific and scholarly centers. [Audience shout "Allahu Akbar"] Our pious and revolutionary youth are among the most active women in political, scientific and managerial areas. They are highly educated and they think critically. The advances that the Iranian nation has achieved are due to resistance. Jul 11, 2012


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