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UNESCO 2030 agenda, a plot by arrogant powers to control nations: Ayatollah Khamenei

Celebrating the blessed month of Ramadan, a group of university professors, academic elites and researchers met with the Leader of the Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei this evening June 21, 2017.

At this meeting, Ayatollah Khamenei dubbed al-Quds Day as the day to fight a hegemonic arrogant system that seeks to dominate nations. He held: "Quds day, is approaching; it is an extremely important day, because not only is it about defending an oppressed nation of civilians who are driven out of their homes, we are indeed fighting against widely oppressive and cruel political system."

His Eminence further described support for Palestine as supporting truth, in stating, “Today defending Palestine equates to defending the truth. Overall, we face a much broader issue than simply defending Palestine: today's fight against the Zionist regime is a fight against arrogance and the hegemonic domineering system."

Additionally, Ayatollah Khamenei urged everyone to commemorate the International Al-Quds day and held, "Quds Day must be valued, demonstrations held on Al-Quds Day are exceedingly important."

Addressing a room full of academia and researchers, in attendance, the Leader of the Revolution asserted: The issues related to the UNESCO 2030 agenda should be elaborated on by professors. Some individuals say that the UNESCO 2030 agenda is not binding; however, this is a superficial perspective. If any part of the agenda is not followed, it will later be assessed as a negative mark, which will consequently deprive the nations from certain concessions.

Ayatollah Khamenei described a thorough explanation and further elaboration as an important duty of professors and academic elites. He stated: Explanation and elaboration are just a few of the duties of the professors. The UNESCO 2030 agenda must be elaborated on as an issue of importance. The Sustainable Development agenda is a part of the general UN directive that entails the 2030 Education agenda.

His Eminence went on to say: What is being designed within the sustainable development agenda is an intellectual, cultural, and practical system for the whole of the world. UNESCO serves here as a mediator and showcase. However, there are hands behind the United Nations that set up this, "intellectual, cultural and practical system" for all nations of the world, compelling them to act upon it.

Ayatollah Khamenei slammed the UN for seeking to dominate several nations through such agendas, adding, “This [agenda] is improper and flawed. What right do they have to comment on countries and their traditions and opinions, to decide what nations must act upon?”

The Supreme Leader urged professors to find their role in developing universities and protecting values of the revolution. His Eminence said: The main point of my speech today is about the responsibility professors and teachers have. Professors play an important role in the academic environment. You influence the spirit of our youths' hearts and minds, encouraging them to contemplate and move ahead.

Elaborating on the impact university professors can have on the intellectual growth of students, Ayatollah Khamenei said: If a professor is responsible, positive and optimistic, if they have a strong will-power and a desire to improve the country, his role will be very effective. The opposite is also true for a professor who holds the cultures of other countries in high esteem, but does not believe in his country’s values and values of his ethnic identities [this can play a role contrary to that of a professor with the above mentioned positive qualities.]

The Supreme Leader finally said, "Our professors should find and define their role in the development of universities on one hand, and protecting the values of the Revolution on the other hand."

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  • 2017-06-22 13:51
    The truth is USA and their "only" western friend want to be hegemonies in the Middle East, they are not. They want to be that's why you have to resist. I fully support Iran as that power of hegemony in the Middle East.