Teachers and educationalists met with Ayatollah Khamenei on Teachers' Day

US Brutally Cracks Down on Black Movements: Ayatollah Khamenei

They cannot manage the country's affairs by force, and they will fail in the end. Examples of such systems include: the despotic communist systems; and despotic monarchies or semi-monarchies that you see in this world; this is not our way of managing the country, we wouldn't do that.

Other types of governments rely on systems that operate through hypocrisy and propaganda, like Western democracies. It is true that there are no lashes or spears, like in the despotic systems; and it seems like the people enjoy freedom; however, in fact, they are overrun by hypocrisy. Such governments possess giant propaganda systems, and they control the lives of many people. Laborers--employees and merchants--have no time to look outside the sphere they have been trapped in--in order to think outside of it. They believe and understand, only, as they are told. Today, this is apparently the case in the U.S. and in western "democratic countries". Countless propaganda floods the lives of humankind, and there is no chance for the people to realize this. If you can find a vent, then you will realize that the democracy and liberty they talk about will quickly change. They are democrats only as long as they can maintain people through their hypocrisy and deception. When something has come out to break through, the barriers of their deception, then they will inject their spears with brutal means! This is how the U.S. government and the European states deal with Islamic movements, freedom movements in the U.S. -- mostly, ethnically charged movements, in which people are treated utterly brutal.
August 14, 1991


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  • 2017-05-09 19:43
    Absolutely they do! This man tell like it is! Truth for my black brothers!