Imam Khamenei

Sunni lady performed Hajj on behalf of Ayatollah Khamenei

 Gulistan region is a region which is really prominent in terms of manpower and various other matters. First of all, a point on which Mr. Nurmofidi placed great emphasis and which is very important is that the people of this region are presenting a satisfactory and efficient kind of co-existence. This is manifested in the various ethnicities and denominations that exist in Gorgan, in Gulistan region and in Turkmen Sahra. This is a very important issue.

Today, a great deal of money is being spent in order to create discord between Islamic denominations and between Sunni and Shia. They work on this in their “think tanks” – as westerners put it. These are places where they sit, hatch plots and formulate plans. If these things are explained to the people, they will really be surprised to know that so many things are being done in order to make two Muslims – one Sunni and another Shia – avoid sitting beside each other and speaking to one another. They will be surprised to know that all these things are being done in order to make them have a bad and hostile relationship with each other and pull guns on one another. Despite all their efforts, the exact opposite has happened in Islamic Iran and one of the best areas in this regard is Gulistan region.

Before the Revolution too, I visited Gulistan. I visited Gonbad Kavoos, Gorgan and some other cities such as Galikesh and the like. Therefore, I know how much effort the people in this region have made to preserve that co-existence, cooperation and mutual affection. This is very valuable. This should be preserved.  This should be maintained.

A few years ago, during a trip to Gorgan, I went to Gonbad for one day or half a day – I do not remember exactly. The majority of the people who expressed their love and kindness to us in Gonbad were Sunni brothers. Well, this is the exact opposite of what the Saudis, the takfiris and behind them- America and intelligence services such as the CIA and the like- are doing in the present time. This is the exact opposite of what they are doing. In other words, political work in this region is purposeful, well-oriented, accurate, sharp and decisive in the real sense of the word. This is one of the characteristics of Gulistan region which is very important in my opinion.

Recently – a few months ago – I received a letter from the family of that Turkmen lady who had been martyred during Mina events. Her family had written to me that she had gone to Makkah and she had someone testify that she had gone on her pilgrimage on my behalf – it was either in that trip or in another trip. This is very important. A Turkmen lady whom I was not familiar with and whose name I did not know went to Makkah to perform hajj on my behalf and later on, she had others testify to that and sign it. And after that, she sent it to me. These are things that are the real strong points in our country and among our people. 

Dec 5, 2016


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  • 2017-03-26 01:14
    Every day more and more Americans are realizing and feeling the domination of the evil Zionist entity over their political system which is the root of their sufferings and demise.
  • 2017-05-15 16:39
    Esteemed Sir, We don't consider any difference between Sunni and Shia brothers. We believe our Shia brethren to be exactly alike us and we expect each of us to put efforts to make world a better and beautiful place for generations to come. Love & respect from India. Regards, Sarwat Firoz