Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro, a leader who relied on his people and they admired him: Ayatollah Khamenei

The Cuban government has some problems, but it relatively relies on the people to resolve those problems; and it has fought against arrogant powers by relying on the support of its people. Thus, the Cuban government came into power with the people's approval. I have talked extensively to Fidel Castro--in person. He has a character that makes him popular among the people. The reason why the arrogant powers haven't managed to overthrow him is due to his trust in his people.

May 27, 1992.


I am very happy to meet you again. In Tehran, you are among some people who know you well and like you as well. I have known you for years, and our people hold your name and your positive stances in high esteem. Surely the common points and affinities that we share have played an important role in creating the cordial and spiritual bonds that exist between us. When I first met you, in Zimbabwe, I felt a close connection between us. This is due to the affinities and common beliefs and stances that we share. I hope your visit to Iran will open a new chapter in relations between our countries. Although we are far from each other geographically, still we can have close ties and relations. 

Today, the world is mainly suffering from injustice. Some European countries that had waged devastative wars in the past are today chanting the slogan of peace, but they never raise the issue of justice, which mankind needs today. Peace should be based on justice, and it is the responsibility of the Christian Church to play a more active role in this regard.

We believe that religion should fulfill the basic needs of mankind. These could include personal, emotional or social needs. We believe that Islam is a religion capable of fulfilling all human needs. But some have not grasped the Islamic ideology correctly. As a result, although they are called Muslims, they are submissive to arrogant powers like the United States. We believe this is not in line with Islamic teachings, since Islam has placed great emphasis on justice as well as spirituality.

However, some powers like the United States are opposed to our beliefs and call us fundamentalists! Their opposition is mostly due to the fact that such beliefs have some practical effects. In our religious concepts, there is a notion called arrogance. In reality, the U.S. government is the embodiment of arrogance. If we are rejecting arrogance and a unipolar world, it is due to our religious beliefs. We consider any struggle in the world against arrogance to be a just struggle, and we feel that whoever is engaged in this struggle is in the same league as us.

From an Islamic point of view, your resistance against U.S. bullying and domination is meritable.. This is why you received that warm welcome when you visited Tehran University today. If leaders of many countries visit our universities, they will not receive such a warm welcome. This shows that our people are quite aware of the value of your just resistance against the United States. We have learned both spirituality and proper way of living from our religion. Religious thinking is based on a profound philosophy and enjoys strong logic. It is not merely an emotional heritage handed down from one generation to another. In fact, religious belief has deep roots in our society.


Leader's Statements in a Meeting with Castro; May 9, 2001.


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