Imam Khamenei

Turkish PM thanks Ayatollah Khamenei's senior advisor on coup stance

The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım contacted Major General Safavi, thanking him for taking a prompt and transparent stance, regarding the military coup in Turkey. 

On July 15, the Turkish people foiled an attempted coup against the elected government.

In a ceremony at Tabriz University, Major General Safavi, the senior advisor and assistant to Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran described the country’s stance on the failed coup in Turkey as “clear and transparent, and one of the earliest official stances taken by world countries.” Major General Safavi also stated that, “the coup in Turkey was plotted with the foreign countries, namely the United States.”

Previously, in a meeting on August 1, where the Supreme Leader addressed individuals from various social backgrounds, Ayatollah Khamenei took a transparent approach on the Turkish coup, by stating: “In our opinion, it has not been proven that America was involved [in the coup], but there is a serious accusation, which is this coup d’état launched in Turkey was masterminded by Americans. If this is proven, this will be a big scandal for America.”

His Eminence further added:  “Turkey was a country that had good relations with America. It used to say that it is America’s ally in the region; however, they are not prepared to get along with Turkey, because there is an Islamic orientation there. They are opposed to Islam and to an Islamic orientation. This is why they launched a coup d’état, even in that country; of course, it was put out. They were defeated and they fell out of favor with the people of Turkey.”


  • 2016-08-08 22:12
    What coup is not started by america?