Photos: The chairman and the members of the 10th Majlis met with Ayatollah Khamenei

The shame that burdens me over unemployed youth is no less than theirs: Leader

At a meeting with the members of Iran’s 10th Majlis, Parliament, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: “Economy is a focal concern of our country and we must resolve it. Provisions should be eked out meticulously by our administration, regarding government’s position on the ‘Economy of Resistance’ diagram. Domestic production is a vital solution for economic recession; job creation is just as crucial. 
His Eminence reached out to younger generations of Iran, on the subject of job opportunity, by stating, “The shame that burdens this humble person's heart, over unemployed youth going home empty handed, is no less than their burden of shame. ”

Ayatollah Khamenei also touched on Iran’s cultural concerns, “Culture is an important issue and in long term more important than economy. On the topic of culture, I feel that there exists a sense of indifference both in producing useful cultural goods and preventing harmful cultural goods.”

The full text to this speech will soon be uploaded on the website.


  • 2016-06-05 23:15
    I have a great admiratopm for Imam Khamenei and the people of Iran. God Bless Iran
  • 2016-06-09 23:01
    He is an exceptional man! why dont more americans see that they need people like him!