The family of Martyr Badreddin met with the Leader of the Revolution

Photos: The family of Martyr Badreddin met with Ayatollah Khamenei

The family of Martyr Sayyed Mustafa Badreddin, military commander of Lebanon's Hezbollah, met with Ayatollah Khamenei on Wednesday afternoon, May 25.

Sayyed Mustafa Badreddin, the Hezbollah commander was martyred when his troops came under attack by takfiri opponents at a center near the military airport of Damascus.

During the meeting, the Leader of the Revolution praised the courage and chivalry of the Martyred Badreddin. He said "I had heard a lot about the strong and powerful characteristics of this beloved martyr. I asked God to elevate his status in the Heavens and patience for the family. Your family is a family of martyrs; not only Martyr Badreddin's family, but also Martyr Emad Mughniya, his son and others. Your family is a symbol of martyrdom. Lebanon has turned into an outstanding land thanks to Hezbollah and the elements of resistance. Truly, we know few places where there are so many believing and pure individuals. Although Lebanon is small in terms of geographical area, in terms of impression, it has an influence over the entire region. This has been achieved thanks to the blood of your martyrs. The blood of these martyrs is praise worthy."
 *On the sidelines, His eminence Ayatollah Khamenei presented his ring to Ali, Martyr Badreddin's son.



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    May Allah Subhanaho bless shadow of This great leader till arrival of Mahdi (AF).